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  1. Justin says

    I have a small collection of vintage perculators. In fact I have that one in the ad. That is the one I use every morning to make my coffee. Tastes delicious.

  2. sablemable says

    I have a 4 cup Farberware electric perc that I had bought new when Farberware reissued the product about 20 years ago. It makes a very good cup of java and I am fussy about my coffee!

  3. Anita says

    We bought a reproduction one about 7 years ago and used it until it gave out (about 3 years later). I thought it was great but Nathan wasn’t so keen on it…..

  4. Northside CJ says

    I have a small collection of vintage G.E. Percolators. One has been in the family since new back in the late 50’s and still works. They make great coffee. I use one every morning. I also think they look better sitting on the counter than the modern coffee maker.

  5. Patrick Coffey says

    As I type this I am sipping on a cup of coffee made in an earlier version of the Universal CoffeeMatic (circa 1946) and I say that there is no tastier way to make coffee than in an automatic percolator or an automatic vacuum coffee maker…

  6. atomicbowler-laura says

    We have two, a smaller one and a 12-cup!
    David got me into perk coffee and I’ll never go back. We did find a Universal like the one in the pic at one point and booted it on e-bay.
    Melitta makes some neat disc filters to go in the bottom of the basket to keep the grounds out of the coffee, too. Hey-mine’s almost ready now!

  7. Jeff says

    Nothing beats vintage percolators! I have several, dating to the 40’s, and all work wonderfully well. I have Farberware, Citation by Proctor Silex, Montgomery Ward’s own brand, and others.

    The Citations have glass bodies with etched starbursts, chromed fittings and peach colored bakelite handles and base. Super stylized 50’s!

  8. sumac sue says

    We use vintage percolators, which we find at garage sales for a few bucks. We currently have two almost identical GE models, with black bases and handles and stainless steel tops. They have a nifty feature on the side that lets you set the strength from “mild” to “strong.” (I’ve never heard anyone refer to “mild” coffee, but I guess that word sounds better than “weak.”)

    I agree with Northside CJ — these pots look great on the counter. Also, the whole sensory experience is better with a percolator — they make a nice bubbly sound, you can watch the coffee splurt up into the little glass bulb on top, the handle is pleasant to hold, and steam from the spout looks cool and has a great aroma.

    We are the only ones among our relatives to use percolators — except for my 96-year-old grandma!

  9. says

    I just found a mint condition stovetop percolator for $5 at Goodwill. I was quite pleased because it’s the Cornflower blue pattern I grew up with, and I don’t have a coffee maker for guests. At our last get-together, I had 3 people in the kitchen with me giving advice on how to use it! It seemed to take forever to perc, but they all liked the coffee! I’m a tea-drinker, myself…. (and I have the matching teapot!)

  10. Nancy says

    I have to say there is nothing better than “Perked” coffee, I bought a Purculater that Cuisenart makes and it is the best!!!
    I will never buy another drip pot again.
    Just remeber the old Maxwell house commercials…

  11. Robert says

    I have been a vintage-percolator enthusiast for several years now. I have 2 Universal Coffeematic models from 1956, which look like they just came off the assembly line yesterday. The styling and build quality are far superior to most makers on the market today.

    The Coffeematics automatically shift over to the “warm” cycle after brewing, where it holds the coffee at a perfect (for me) 172 degrees F, without degrading the coffee.

    That happy perking sound, and the aroma that permeates the house, add to the enjoyment of the coffee experience.

    “Retro-Perk” RULES ! 🙂

      • Robert says

        You can find them on eBay all the time….just type “Universal Coffeematic” into the searchbox. Most are fairly reasonably-priced, I would spend a few extra bucks and get one of the nicer ones….
        there`s a seller named “doug`sperks” who has about the nicest ones around.

        Happy Hunting ! 🙂

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