How to date your Vintage Vera textiles

Do you want to know the date of your Vintage Vera tea towel, scarf, towel, or tablecloth?  Building on my infatuation with Vintage Vera Neumann textiles, I was recently trawling through The Vera Company blog and discovered an excellent post that shows all the Vera marks starting in 1958. Link: How to date your Vintage Vera linens. (Does not include any tips on my #1 favorite method: Dinner and a movie. tee hee.) Above: Vintage Vera tea towel – ripe summer peaches, $27 from paddieridge on


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  1. MbS says

    Fun. I have a few from my mom, natch’ . However, I lack the scarf-stable-cute gene. Must skip a generation. Can tie them rather tightly around my neck, but this is not the graceful look i want. Contemplating making a coverlet out of them….a filmy drape of sorts….but perhaps the scarf-purists would moan at this abomination.

  2. RetroSandie says

    Pam, just want you to know that I’ve gotten interested in so many things retro since I’ve been reading your blog. You are always a WEALTH of into! Thanks for all of your hard work and SHARING!!! That said, it looks like I’ll be on the look-out for goodies VERA! 🙂

  3. nancy says

    Thank you for that info!! I started looking for that the other day & got distracted. I have started a vintage Vera linen collection & that information is very helpfu! How do you always know what is on our minds?! I just love Vera!

  4. says

    Oh Pam, you always have exactly what I need! You would be impressed, I scored my first two vintage Vera scarves this month, both at estate sales. One is a white and green floral, but the other is red with jumping poodles on it. I adore it! Anyway, you know I am going to be reposting this on my FB! Thanks for another great link!

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