Do you want to know the date of your Vintage Vera tea towel, scarf, towel, or tablecloth?  Building on my infatuation with Vintage Vera Neumann textiles, I was recently trawling through The Vera Company blog and discovered an excellent post that shows all the Vera marks starting in 1958. Link: How to date your Vintage Vera linens. (Does not include any tips on my #1 favorite method: Dinner and a movie. tee hee.) Above: Vintage Vera tea towel – ripe summer peaches, $27 from paddieridge on

  1. RetroRuth says:

    Oh Pam, you always have exactly what I need! You would be impressed, I scored my first two vintage Vera scarves this month, both at estate sales. One is a white and green floral, but the other is red with jumping poodles on it. I adore it! Anyway, you know I am going to be reposting this on my FB! Thanks for another great link!

  2. nancy says:

    Thank you for that info!! I started looking for that the other day & got distracted. I have started a vintage Vera linen collection & that information is very helpfu! How do you always know what is on our minds?! I just love Vera!

  3. RetroSandie says:

    Pam, just want you to know that I’ve gotten interested in so many things retro since I’ve been reading your blog. You are always a WEALTH of into! Thanks for all of your hard work and SHARING!!! That said, it looks like I’ll be on the look-out for goodies VERA! 🙂

  4. MbS says:

    Fun. I have a few from my mom, natch’ . However, I lack the scarf-stable-cute gene. Must skip a generation. Can tie them rather tightly around my neck, but this is not the graceful look i want. Contemplating making a coverlet out of them….a filmy drape of sorts….but perhaps the scarf-purists would moan at this abomination.

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