How to make a Christmas wreath out of vintage ornaments — Georgia Peachez’ secrets

ornament wreath

Suzy of Georgia Peachez

Suzy aka Georgia Peachez

UPDATE: Read our expanded tutorial how to make vintage ornament wreaths here.

How to make vintage ornament wreathLast year I proclaimed my love and admiration for Georgia Peachez’ crafty Christmas wreaths made out of vintage tinsel-garland and ornaments. What a fantastic way to use ornaments hunted and scrounged at estate sales all year long — something to hunt for an actually use! Suzy, the genius Peach, is at it again this year — that’s her “That 70s Wreath,” above. Morevoer — we asked for her how-to instructions — and she graciously responded right away! Read on to learn how to make a Christmas wreath out of vintage ornaments of your very own. –>.

ornament wreath georgia peachez

Suzy writes:

  • Start with extruded foam wreath base and wrap in tinsel-tone garland securing with hot glue.
  • Important to add a wire loop here before preceding.
  • Glue larger ornaments around the outer rim of wreath form.
  • Lay flat and then fill in with smaller ornies.
  • I like to mix up ornies with kitschy little things.
  • Important to use HIGH TEMP hot glue.

That’s it in a nutshell!

Ooooh! “Kitschy little things.” I have plenty of those. Do spatulas get you in the holiday mood? I ask: Are the ornies attached to anything? or do you just glue them straight on … that is, no hooks? She responds:

  • Just glue them right on. The tinsel gives a good surface to bond to.

One of the things that I think is particularly clever about Suzy’s method, is that by starting with the wrapped tinsel — the back side of the wreath is actually very pretty, too. Here is a photo from a wreath available in her etsy shop that shows what I mean:

If you don’t have time to get crafty, I think that Suzy’s wreaths are very well-priced at $50-$75. And, she says that she has never had an issue with shipping. Here are all the vital links:

  • See Suzy’s Georgia Peachez etsy shop for wreaths and other holiday goodness.
  • Do-it-yourselfers, be sure to see her Wreath Blog. And you know me, Precautionary Pam warns: Be careful with those glue guns and sharp edges, peoples.
  • And, there’s even more creativity over on Suzy’s main Georgia Peachez blog.

Did I read something about “a little obsession” over in your headers, Suzy? I sure do emphathize. In a good way because, girl, you are good! xoxo

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  1. Tee says

    Want to try this but feel stupid – is an extruded wreath a flat one or round one? Guessing round but wouldn’t that be harder to use to glue the ornaments to? I would think the flat wreaths would have more stability and surface area for gluing. Does it matter? Just don’t want to mess this up with my vintage ornies.
    Thanks so much.

  2. Peggy Crockett says

    I just love Suzy’s wreaths and all of these tips. I have so many vintage balls and you all are giving me the confidence to get started on my wreath. And Suzy sent me information about Williamsburg- so I can’t wait until December!

  3. Patricia Olson says

    I”m confused on the wreath prices. You mention them being good deals at $50 – $75, but whenever I look at her available wreaths they are $150 to $300. Am I looking in the wrong place or just at the wrong time? They are beautiful, but I can’t justify spending that much for a wreath.

    • Kathy Pinkerton says

      have you priced vintage ornaments on Ebay lately? unless you find a huge stash for a small price then your wreath is going to be expensive. I’ve been shopping at Big Lots for glass ornaments…they are very cheap and some are quite pretty…use them as the base ornaments, then I’ll embellish with a few vintage pieces or other kitchy stuff. I made one last year (before I saw this blog)… it is really fun and pretty. I like reading everyone’s comments and suggestions because I am worried about hot glue holding up over time…to me these are art objects – I want mine to last. I can see why she charges up to $300 for one of these gorgeous wreaths…they are the real deal and she spent a lot of time making them. back to my glue…

  4. Linda says

    These wreaths are fantastic, but they are not selling on her website for $50-75. There are two – one is $150 and the other is $300. I’m sure they are very special, but way beyond my price range. I’m glad we have instructions for making our own. I am not “craftsy” so was hoping to possibly purchase.

  5. Sue says

    Love the wraths and am goin to attempt to make one, one question can you give details regarding the wire loop. Is this for hanging? Thanks

  6. Rick S says

    I do love the wreaths but am afraid my upstairs hall tree would be bare if I did this. I noticed the plastic lantern shaped on like on mom’s tree. They always were on bottom branches because they woundn’t break.
    I watched craigslist and got 65 ornaments for $10. An attic was being cleaned and contents sold. My wife and I found a Slim “fake” tree to decorate in the hall outside the bedrooms. It is dubed our “Twas the night before Christmas” tree because of the vintage and new vintage look ornaments and Santas. We have a gold glitter cardboard star on top too.
    I think there may be some new onaments that can fill out the wreath and use less than perfect ones or wire the true vintage into place with glued on ones.
    I think I am getting in the mood for Christmas.

  7. says

    If you’re not into hot glue, use the wire frame wreath (Michael’s with a coupon), wrap the garland, and then wire the ornaments in with the lids to the ornaments down using green-plastic covered wire. I prefer this for outside doors because the whole thing lies a little more flat, enduring the repeated opening and closing and occasional slamming a bit better in my 1959 house. I have shunned the satin-wrapped ornaments, but seeing how Peachez does it, now I have to expand my thinking a bit more!

  8. Emily says

    I am going to attempt to make one of these wreaths this year. However, I am very wary of hot glue. Has anyone tried making one of these wreaths with something a bit more industrial in strength like E6000 glue? I want to use the vintage bulbs as well as ornaments on my wreath so hopefully the E6000 will do the trick! I agree with the person who posted above. A “how to” video would be awesome!

    • pam kueber says

      I made one this weekend. I used the hot glue — it worked great and I didn’t have any issues with it. I have tutorial coming!

      • says

        It takes me 3 hours to construct a wreath using hot glue. I’m sure E6000 would work nicely but it would take a week to make one, waiting for all that glue to dry as you progress from one ornament to the next!

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