3 places to buy metal edging for kitchen countertops

metal edging for kitchen countertop

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If you are designing a retro kitchen, adding a metal edge to the counter top is a great way to add authentic vintage charm. Fortunately, metal counter top edging is no difficult to find — there are three places I know to go looking for metal edging — which you can get in either aluminum or stainless steel — ribbed or smooth — mill, satin or polished — screw-holes or no — and in a wide array of sizes.

metal countertop edging

  • For aluminum counter top edging — Retro Trims: They are an advertiser on this site — and manufacture and carry a wide variety of aluminum countertop edging. Tell Thor that I sent you.
  • For stainless steel counter top edging — New York Metal has a wide selection of stainless steel edging, and their website is easy to navigate. They are the only place I’ve found with the stainless steel snap-on edging. But, they also offer aluminum smooth- and ribbed edging.  You can get cove molding in aluminum or steel, as well.
  • Another possibility for aluminum counter top edging — Outwater Plastics — Aluminum in two styles and three finishes (mill-, satin-, or polished-). You have to plow through their 600-page “online catalog” to find these; I did the work for you below. NOTE: I have heard from some readers in the past that local stores may carry some of these products. If you can find stock locally — you will save a lot on shipping, as this stuff (all makers) ships in 12′ lengths — oversized and a costly shipping upcharge.

Links to these three manufacturers — and please keep reading for more tips:

TIPS on other stories on my blog that can help in your quest —

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  1. Ro Mayer says

    I have a Herman Miller Eames designed pedestal breakfast room size table.I gave it to my daughter who used it outside. The table top is made of wood fiber which swelled.That made the table edging pop off. I tried to reattach it. But the swelling has made the table circumference increase enough that the original edging is no longer big enough to meet by an inch or more. Otherwise the table is still functional. I was looking around the net for edging options and came across your site with its counter edging suggestions and retro furniture add links. I thought you might be able to suggest some options. Thank you.

  2. James Kunc says

    I am looking to buy silver metal nose trim for counter tops and cabinets and can’t locate. Any help would be appreciated. James Kunc

    • pam kueber says

      James, try our sources in this story — you need to look at the story, note the vendors and reach out to them directly. Good luck.

  3. AJ says

    I can’t to seem to find any fluted edging that has gaps in the teeth so that it will go around a round table or curved surface. Any suggestions?

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