Boxed up for 67 years and now set free: Brand new 1948 Youngstown Kitchen cabinets + 1948 GE Airliner stove — 80 photos

What was inside all the boxes?
We now get to see!

NOS Youngstown steel kitchen cabinets 1950sClose your eyes. Imagine it’s 1948. You recently ordered a big set of Youngstown Steel Kitchen cabinets. The delivery truck has just arrived. The delivery men tote the big boxes into your garage. They begin to open them up. You are so excited!

NOS Youngstown steel kitchen cabinets 1950sNow: Open your eyes. It’s 2015 — not 1948 — but we all get to experience the thrill of opening up all the boxes! Yes: Today we get to see the very first photos of the big set of New Old Stock Youngstown Steel Kitchen cabinets that reader Ben recently discovered in storage. As you may recall, we first showed these cabinets — but still hidden in their boxes — in this story earlier this month.

NOS Youngstown steel kitchen cabinets 1950sNOS Youngstown steel kitchen cabinets 1950s
NOS Youngstown steel kitchen cabinets 1950sNOS Youngstown steel kitchen cabinets 1950sThey are just as pretty — just as shiny and new — as they day they were packed into their boxes. So pretty! So shiny! So new!

GE AirlinerAnd woah, Nellie, hang on, because, there is a 1948 General Electric stove to go with. It is brand new, too.

Ben said the price tag was still on it: $270.

vintage GE Airliner rangeIn case you didn’t catch that: Brand new. Reader Janet in ME piped right in and said it’s a GE Airliner. A GE Airliner! Woot! Our readers are So Smart. Thank you, Janet in ME!

NOS Youngstown steel kitchen cabinets 1950sNot one crumb new.

GE Airliner stoveApparently, not one scratch new. It was all crated up.

GE AirlinerBrand spanking new. Oh my goodness.

vintage GE RangeNever messed with new.

vintage GE Range brochurevintage GE Range brochureNew new new new new. It doesn’t get much better than this.

NOS Youngstown steel kitchen cabinets 1950sBut wait, it does get better than this. The best part, imho: New Old Stock Cusheen vinyl countertops to match up with the Youngstown Steel Kitchen cabinet bases.

NOS Youngstown steel kitchen cabinets 1950sThere are a lot of steel kitchen cabinets around (of course, not NOS), and there are a lot of GE ranges around (ditto) — but pristine Cusheen countertops? These are flipping amazing.

NOS Youngstown steel kitchen cabinets 1950s

NOS Youngstown steel kitchen cabinets 1950sNOS Youngstown steel kitchen cabinets 1950sNOS Youngstown steel kitchen cabinets 1950sNOS Youngstown steel kitchen cabinets 1950scusheen-countertop-steel

The Cusheen countertop from the underside — the vinyl is adhered straight onto steel!

Ben says that the Cusheen vinyl is adhered straight onto steel. As you can see in the photo above, there is a steel channel underneath and multiple short channels behind the backsplash to reinforce the structure. What I mean to say: There is no wood substrate to these countertops! They are Cusheen-on-steel. Ben says it’s 16 gauge. It’s honking heavy stuff.

NOS Youngstown steel kitchen cabinets 1950sYou screw the countertops right onto the cabinets. I think those are the screws, above.

NOS Youngstown steel kitchen cabinets 1950sNote: The drainboard sink was used; Ben says it’s in great shape, though. Also: The sink front was used and needs some work; Ben says the paint has yellowed, and it will need to be repainted to match the other cabinets. Back story seems to be: The complete kitchen was purchased back in ’48 or ’49 with a remodel in mind. Obviously, the remodel never happened. But the owners used the sink base and the sink in another location. In addition, there likely were wall cabinets — but these were also used in another project, long gone.

NOS Youngstown steel kitchen cabinets 1950sWhat is the total tally of what was found? Ben has not made up a list — but he took photos of the boxes, and they are in the slide show, if you want to count.

Ben wants to sell these

What is going to happen to these cabinets? Ben wants to sell them. I really think they belong in a museum and am reaching out to my museum friends right away today to see if they can help get these things to a museum. Meanwhile, Ben is open to offers. He wants to sell everything as a set. 

NOS Youngstown Kitchen
How the story ends: The kitchen ended up in a museum in Ohio — back “home” again!

Update: How the story ends

More about Youngstowns and Cusheen:

Yowza. Eight years nine-and-a-half years (yowza, I just checked — it’ll be 10 years soon!) into doing this blog daily. Just when I think we will run out of stories, stuff like this comes at us. Yay!

Thank you so much, Ben, for sending all the photos. What a great thing you did by rescuing these! Be sure to tell whoever buys them about RetroRenovation.com and to give them our contact info — we want to see where they land!

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  1. michele says:

    I have old youngstown metal cabinets and they desperately need a new counter top. The current one is leather like and is cracking and water damaged. It has a metal backsplash built in and I have no idea how to go about finding info on replacing it. Any ideas?

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Hi michele, I don’t know the answer to this. Be reminded there can be hazards in old products and their layers – get with a pro to assess what you have so that you can make informed decisions how to handle. For more info see my Be Safe/Renovate Safe page >> https://retrorenovation.com/renovate-safe/

  2. coopercapers says:

    I today’s dollars that stove would have cost $2880. WoW that stove just shines! Never saw anything like it is new condition!

  3. char says:

    what a flash those are the exacted cabinets stove and counter tops that my grandmother had put in her custom built house on Del Paso street in Elcrino CA . I lived in the house when first married. I think all my cousin’s lived there at on time or another. Iwonder if it is still in use?

  4. Maureen Baker says:

    I am very interested in the Mullins Kitchen sink, etc. but am not able to find a phone number or anywhere to discuss purchases. Please help. In the process of re doing a 1948 kitchen that has some of the Mullins kitchen items. Don’t need newsletter, just would like to purchase products.
    M.Baker contact me.

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Hi Maureen, the cabinets were sold to a museum.

      I don’t sell anything, I write about companies that do. Mullins/Youngstown cabinets are not made anymore. You need to find them vintage. Use the search box to get to all my stories about that brand.

      Good luck.

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