The Mullinaires sing the praises of Youngstown kitchen cabinets, 1953

mullinaires youngstown kitchens
I first featured this absolutely priceless 1953 video seven year ago this week: “The Mullinaires” singing the praises of Youngstown steel kitchen cabinets.For this update, I did some more digging and discovered that The Mullinaires were all Mullins employees — they were officially “The Mullinaires — Mullins Manufacturing Corporation Chorus.”

Mullins, being: the company that manufactured Youngstown kitchen cabinets. Above: One of the several awesome historic photos of The Mullinaires in the Warren-Trumbull County (Ohio) Public Library’s Trumbull Memory Project site. Here’s my guess regarding the purpose of the video: Filmed — with very high production values, not to mention the bouncing sing-along ball — to play at a salesmen’s convention. An instant midcentury Americana classic.

TGIF, it’s been a long winter. Let’s take it from the conductor, prepare to sing along:

“Now we are going to sing a song dedicated to Youngstown Kitchens, which is the theme of this whole program!

Now you join with us, let’s everybody sing:

Here’s the word, here’s the flash

That will roll up loads of cash

Youngstown kitchens are keeping the lead.

Youngstown steel kitchen cabinetsDiana style is the key

To our new supremacy

Youngstown kitchens are keeping the lead.


We make more history

In the kitchen industry

Sales records we’ll pile up by the score.


For we’ve led the pack

Now we have what others lack

Watch the public come running for more.


Sinks are sleek, cabinets smart

Kitchens new in every part

Youngstown kitchens are keeping the lead.


Built-in look, smart designs

Smoother flowing modern lines

Youngstown kitchens are keeping the lead.


We will make history

With new flexibility

Our kitchens no others can exceed.


Just watch us sell

Give the competition hell

Youngstown kitchens are keeping the lead.

Many thanks to archive.org for making this video available, and to the Warren-Trumbull Public Library for giving us permission to show this photo! 🙂

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  1. Laura Carpenter Myers says:

    I grew up in Youngstown as the glory days were waning. It was still an incredible place.

    I get very nostalgic for Youngstown Cabinets whenever I see them.

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