1953 Crane kitchen cabinets — 26 photos — complete catalog

catalog of 1953 crane kitchen cabinetsCrane is one of our all-time favorite brands for their beautiful and very desirable bathroom sinks — the Crane Criterion comes immediately to mind, and we’ve seen NOS Crane Marcia’s, too. But back in the day, Crane also made steel kitchen cabinets and porcelain drainboard sinks. This catalog shows their designs from 1953 … Click on through for 26 photos, including closeups, from the complete catalog.eight colors of vintage crane kitchen sinks
As you can see (above), cabinets were white, but the drainboard sinks came in seven lovely pastel colors, along with white.

crane kitchen queen sink

One of the cool things about this catalog is that it gives us cute model names for each of the sink designs. Above: The Kitchen Queen.

1953 kitchenThere also are some illustrated kitchen design renderings to ogle. Remember, in 1953, America was transitioning from a “1940’s” look to a “1950s” look. These kitchens are more ’40s looking – typified by white cabinets, true linoleum floors, deeper (rather than pastel) colors, and deco and streamline touches — which you can clearly see in the kitchen above. The color on the wall, by the way, is a ringer, I’d say, for the Caribbean Coral in Sherwin-Williams’ Suburban Modern Palette.

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  1. Nickie says

    Just curious what the asking price would be for a full kitchen of Crane cabinets (upper & lower). We have an entire kitchen filled with these metal cabinets that I would love to sell. We have 1 cabinet needing some replacement hinges, any idea where those could be purchased?

  2. paula says

    Hey Pam,

    I am putting the finishing touches on my Crane Kitchen Queen Kitchen and have a wall that could use a picture. I looked online for retro posters and though I liked a few I have an idea and want to know if it is possible. I think you may know….Do you think I could make a poster of one of the pages of the Crane catalog? I am thinking of page 4 that has the sink specs and the coral red and green kitchen (I found evidence my kitchen was originally painted that color). Please let me know if you think it is possible. Thanks, Paula

  3. David Staskowski says

    I have rescued Crane Kitchen cabinets. Some of the rollers on the drawer slide need replacing. Is there anyone out there who has experience with this?
    I am looking for a solution BEFORE I am forced to admit it was a bad idea not to check if the drawers work before I bought these beauties

  4. Julinka says

    I love my Crane Kitchen Queen sink. Until I saw this page I had never seen another one. It is in good condition and I am currently spray painting the cabinet part with epoxy white and will put new handles on it. It looks great in my bungalow. I have some Georges Briard pieces in my kitchen that compliment the sink and give it real retro look.

  5. Trish says

    Wow, I just bought the breadbox drawer accessory earlier this summer. I didn’t know what it was other than being shiny and cute!

    • pam kueber says

      Emma, this is one vintage catalog in my collection…. it is not for sale. However, watch ebay, and you may be able to nab one!

  6. Sylvia F says

    Hi Pam, I’m a grad student doing a bit of research on Crane sinks by Henry Dreyfuss and was wondering if you had any helpful information about their pre WWII style sinks and their post war ones.

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