1953 Crane kitchen cabinets — 26 photos — complete catalog

catalog of 1953 crane kitchen cabinetsCrane is one of our all-time favorite brands for their beautiful and very desirable bathroom sinks — the Crane Criterion comes immediately to mind, and we’ve seen NOS Crane Marcia’s, too. But back in the day, Crane also made steel kitchen cabinets and porcelain drainboard sinks. This catalog shows their designs from 1953 … Click on through for 26 photos, including closeups, from the complete catalog.eight colors of vintage crane kitchen sinks
As you can see (above), cabinets were white, but the drainboard sinks came in seven lovely pastel colors, along with white.

crane kitchen queen sink

One of the cool things about this catalog is that it gives us cute model names for each of the sink designs. Above: The Kitchen Queen.

1953 kitchenThere also are some illustrated kitchen design renderings to ogle. Remember, in 1953, America was transitioning from a “1940’s” look to a “1950s” look. These kitchens are more ’40s looking – typified by white cabinets, true linoleum floors, deeper (rather than pastel) colors, and deco and streamline touches — which you can clearly see in the kitchen above. The color on the wall, by the way, is a ringer, I’d say, for the Caribbean Coral in Sherwin-Williams’ Suburban Modern Palette.

SeeAllOurVintageCatalogsSMALLRelive 1953 kitchens –> To use the slide show, click on the first thumbnail… it will enlarge… move forward or back via the arrows below the image… you can start or stop at any image…

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    • Trouble says

      I would LOVE to find a wallhung sink in that Persian Red. Saw one on Ebay last year, but didn’t know I needed it.

      • pam kueber says

        Trouble, you should try deabath.com. They found some NOS recently, I know they had persian red, but not sure if it was a wallhung sink…

  1. Shelly in PHX says

    These products are so wonderful they can even convince your HUSBAND to don an apron! Love it… :-)

  2. Annie B. says

    The “Carbbean Coral” kitchen is a true leap forward in style. Love Crane’s recessed cabinets in front of their sinks.

    Yellow is an interesting color choice for the sink in this image – it really makes the product pop.

  3. Susan K says

    Hi Pam,

    Happy Friday! Will these images be added to the galleries? The thumbnail gallery only gets so big for me, and I want so see more of the details in these kitchens! Great colors!

    • pam kueber says

      Yes, they are added to the 1950s gallery. They should enlarge to up to 850 pixels wide in either place…?

    • natalie says

      if you right click on the image (while it’s already enlarged from thumbnail) and click ‘view image’, it should show full size. kind of a pain if you want to see each image full size, but it does the job!

  4. Jay says

    Thanks for the slide show, the old catalogs and pictures are neat. The “Sunnyday” model is a dead ringer for the Youngstown sink my father put in my parents kitchen back in the 60s.

  5. Tisha says

    This is so timely, Pam! I have a nice little 1953 mid-century modest that needs a kitchen retro renovation (it has those ubiquitous 80’s laminate and wood trim cabinets)…Thanks for the ideas!
    As an aside, I’ve been looking through your galleries and your archives, but I haven’t found anything about coved ceilings, which I have in my living/dining room. Do you know anything about them/their era?

    • pam kueber says

      Hi Tisha, I don’t know anything about coved ceilings and their history. I tend to believe, though, that they were/are dependent on true “craftsmanship” — and lathe and plaster, rather than drywall.

  6. Chutti says

    Those sinks are just as gorgeous as I would expect from Crane. But the stove and other appliances are absolutely fascinating. Is that actually a MODULAR stove? How cool is that?

    But mostly, the sinks with drainboards make my heart go pitty pat. Just got a really neat 50’s ‘farmhouse’ sink with double left drainboard at salvage for a fantastic price. Sears Roebuck, made in nearby Richmond, CA 1954, so the label says.
    But really thinking hard about how it will mount in our countertop. So many great ideas here….it’s starting to gel.

    Good stuff, as usual!

  7. Jana (Berniecat) says

    What a cool piece of cabinet and sink history. I remember in my first childhood house, our kitchen cabinets and sink that seem to closely resemble the Sunnyday style, only the middle drawer had this curious sliding lid that served as a built in bread box. We never used it as a bread box because my mom had a counter top bread box. I think I remember us storing dish towels in that drawer. I also remember as a kid being fascinated by seeing my first garbage disposal in 1964 when we moved to our new house. It was indeed a Crane like all of the sinks and fixtures in the house. I remember that for the first year after we moved to our new ranch house, my mom would not let any of us put anything down the garbage disposal for fear of breaking it. :) My, how times have changed.

  8. JamieK says

    My DH and I just purchased a convent that was said to be built in 1900, however, after we’ve researched some it was actually built in 1946. We have a gorgeous 1940s kitchen with the metal cabinets on bottom, wooden cabinets on top that go up to the ceiling (a top shelf I will never be able to reach) and what I believe is a crane sink/cabinet. The one with the double drainboard. Sadly, the convent was left vacant for over 2 years and is in some disrepair. I’m wondering how to restore and repair some of the cabinets that are propped up with bricks. We plan to strip the paint, sand off the rust, and fully restore the kitchen to it’s full beauty. Thankfully, I found your site with so many helpful hints I believe I’ll be on here for the next week or more!! Thank you so much for putting this information together for those of us who share your love for the retro. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :)

    • pam kueber says

      Hi JamieK, I’d love to see some photos – send me your info via the Contact form, if you are game. Regarding your cabinets, this is not a DIY site. But, we have had a number of readers pursue refinishing/repainting of their vintage steel cabinets — you can get to them via the category Kitchens/Steel Kitchens. Note, there could well be lead in old paint – be sure to get informed and consult with a professional so that you can make informed decisions about how to handle. Good luck!

  9. john p says

    I have the chance to buy the all american sink for $30. includes faucet and handles that appear to be the same in the 1953 advertisement pic. Not sure if they work and will need to find a replacement for the hose sprayer. Does not have the wall mount bracket. The sink has some defects but we are thinking about getting it resurfaced but still waiting for a estimate. Plus will need to to clean up the plumbing parts. Any advice? Would rather have the washboard but unable to find one in our area which is in Seattle.
    Thanks John

      • john p says

        well we went ahead with the crane all american sink. we just had the edges touched up. the sink looks great now we are just having a issue with the original faucet. a company in ca. has it now for estimates on having repairs done. i also have a email for locke plumbing. any other companies that you can direct me to for the faucet?
        thank you

  10. GothamCityMom says

    I have an american standard cast iron/porcelain double sink…what im looking for is a sink base cabinet. Any ideas where i can find one?

  11. Deb says

    Just installed Kitchen Queen double drainboard sink in beautiful condition.
    HELP! Anyone know where to find replacement faucet/fixtures? Stock can’t work…

    • john says

      hey deb
      Your sink is pretty much like ours. We are doing the all-american. after 2 months we are about ready to install the faucet this weekend. it was very difficult to find parts for the original faucet. we looked all over for a replacement faucet and found that pretty much nothing else will work.
      Because the hot and cold connections are at a angle it is very diffucult to hook a line from your water supply because of the wall behind the sink. Also most of the new faucets we looked at had a high spout that would stick up very high on the sink and we didnt want it higher than our garden window. We were able to find parts and had a machine shop do some work to the original faucet. If you would like some of the companies that we dealt with let me know.
      We sent the original faucet to a company to have them look at it and give us a estimate which turned out to be over $800.00. So I decided to to the repairs myself and order parts and have some of the parts fixed at a machine shop.
      Just let me know and i would be glad to help with the info that i have.

  12. Mike says

    I just bought an old home that has the Kitchen Queen with original cabinets including wall cabs. not sure if the metal wall cabinets are a part of the Kitchen Queen set but they look very similar. Anyhow, I am looking for a more modern look for my kitchen and looking to sell the whole set. Any ideas on where to go for listing? I would like to find a buyer that would really appreciate and use. Thanks in advance

  13. Jerald Schwartzkopf says

    I just purchased a single family house built in 1958 that has Crane steel kitchen cabinets (upper and lower). These cabinets are in incredibly good (like new) condition. Is there a market out there for these cabinets?

  14. Kelly Patterson says

    We have a Crane all-in-one type kitchenette. Sink with 2 burner stove top and fridge with small freezer compartment on the bottom. Everything is in working condition and the color is yellow. Can anyone help with estimated value and possible year(s) of manufacture?

  15. paula gremley says

    Hi Pam,
    Thanks for all your hard work on the retrorenovations website. The scan and posting of the 1953 Crane Kitchen Queen Kitchen helped me identify the kitchen in my new home.

    We purchase a 1928 Chicago style bungalow. The first unit and finished basement for my 80+ parents (they refused to move to a retirement community!) and an upstairs unit for me. I fell in love with the kitchen when I first saw it and love cooking in it. Most of the cabinets are in original condition but were painted a horrid color green. I had the kitchen and cabinets painted in greys and it looks great. The grey pallette came from a chrome and formica table I received from another retro style lover.

    Thanks again I get tons of ideas from your site,


    • pam kueber says

      You’re welcome! And what a great daughter you are to make an extended family home that includes your parents!

      • paula gremley says

        It’s a great setup for us all. I returned from living in Tanzania to help them move…they refused the retirement home route…I said “Let’s get a two flat!” Lucked out on finding a fabulous two unit bungalow that needed some updates (don’t touch my Crane Kitchen!) TLC and adapted bathroom for aging in place. Also, it has an elevator so accessability to the outdoors will never be a problem. They have been great parents so it’s a pleasure (most of the time) to help them now. Plus whose Dad doesn’t want a house with an elevator?

  16. Richard Meyers says

    We have a Crane Sunnyday sink (Image 8) and need to find hardware for it. Does anyone have any idea where we could look? The faucets are the 45° fixtures and are almost non-existent. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also we may be interested in the cabinets if anyone has them.

    • pam kueber says

      Contact deabath.com – they are the Crane experts. disclosure: they are an advertiser. but I would point you to them even if they were not.

  17. Nickie says

    Just curious what the asking price would be for a full kitchen of Crane cabinets (upper & lower). We have an entire kitchen filled with these metal cabinets that I would love to sell. We have 1 cabinet needing some replacement hinges, any idea where those could be purchased?

  18. paula says

    Hey Pam,

    I am putting the finishing touches on my Crane Kitchen Queen Kitchen and have a wall that could use a picture. I looked online for retro posters and though I liked a few I have an idea and want to know if it is possible. I think you may know….Do you think I could make a poster of one of the pages of the Crane catalog? I am thinking of page 4 that has the sink specs and the coral red and green kitchen (I found evidence my kitchen was originally painted that color). Please let me know if you think it is possible. Thanks, Paula

  19. David Staskowski says

    I have rescued Crane Kitchen cabinets. Some of the rollers on the drawer slide need replacing. Is there anyone out there who has experience with this?
    I am looking for a solution BEFORE I am forced to admit it was a bad idea not to check if the drawers work before I bought these beauties

  20. Julinka says

    I love my Crane Kitchen Queen sink. Until I saw this page I had never seen another one. It is in good condition and I am currently spray painting the cabinet part with epoxy white and will put new handles on it. It looks great in my bungalow. I have some Georges Briard pieces in my kitchen that compliment the sink and give it real retro look.

  21. Trish says

    Wow, I just bought the breadbox drawer accessory earlier this summer. I didn’t know what it was other than being shiny and cute!

    • pam kueber says

      Emma, this is one vintage catalog in my collection…. it is not for sale. However, watch ebay, and you may be able to nab one!

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