Fiesta kitchen sink by American Standard, introduced in 1966 or earlier

1968 kitchen sink fiesta from american standardHere is the latest wonderful oddity — “woddity” — to go into our archive:  The Fiesta sink by American Standard. I have seen reference to it as early as 1966. Click on through for some additional, great colors, sculpted round designs (!) and strange lever thingy.

fiesta sink by american standard 1968

I also have seen it in variety of sizes and in 6 colors so far — white, as show in reader Justin’s kitchen (above)…in avocado (lead photo) spotted as New Old Stock at my Re-Store — and holey moley check out the vintage advertisement that I found on ebay (below): The sink also was available in what appears to be a limier green, a persian red — AND in orange and in a sculptured round bowl model. Yowza!

I also found a 1969 ad among my stash of vintage marketing material that gives a good look at a lever thingie on the back. It’s like an old “shift on the steering column.” What is this for????

fiesta kitchen sinkAbove: The text of the ad. Indeed, the marketers from American-Standard are comparing this to a speedster… I learned to drive manual on my Dad’s circa 68 Datsun truck — yes, a shift on the column. What a nightmare for a 16 year old — but I am a rockin’ Amazon woman warrior for the experience.

That original faucet design also reminds me of instruments of torture used in dentists’ office.

Indeed, you can still get a Fiesta faucet. No lever, though.

vintage fiesta sinkHere is another shot of Justin’s sink. No shift lever though! Hey, I see in Justin’s email, that he says, “The drain levers are much harder to find.” So: It’s a lever to pop up the drain???

Above: An ad from ebay classified from a while ago, which I saved. Gone now.
1968 american standard sink in avocadoAnd above: The guts of the hole that holds all the faucet hardware. Come to think of it, the “idea” behind this design must sure have been to consolidate all the holes on sinks — up to 5 — into one. Control the chaos on the top of the sink — and minimize the need to make separate 1-, 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-hole versions to suit anyone’s need. Kind of a good idea, actually.

Thank you, Justin, for sharing your photos. I think this is a fabulous sink.



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  1. Allen says

    Glad to finally find out the name of this model. There is one featured in the Kitchen of the movie “Napoleon Dynamite”!!

  2. Nathan says

    This is just a guess, but the lever looks like it could be there to tighten the faucet unit down to the sink, or loosen it for access to what I assume would be flexible pipe connections underneath. Kind of like the levers on quick release bicycle wheels.

  3. Nathan says

    Maybe more likely is that the lever opens or closes a drain plug. I suppose it could be the switch to turn on the “food waste disposer” too.

  4. Jason says

    In the ad is it the one lever on the back that we are talking about or the pop up button looking thing? Then there are what? 2 soap dispensers and a spray?

    At first glance I thought the 2 soap dispensers were separate hot and cold knobs, but I think they seem to be soap dispensers. So I’ll guess hand and dish soap, a faucet spray and the button is for the disposal or drain control and the shift lever on the back is to turn the water on and off and between hot and cold!

    I’ve never seen one of those in Delaware, but I’ll be on the lookout!

    • ELS says

      I got the impression from the ad that maybe the lever was for adjusting the water temp, as well.

      As for the two soap dispensers, one might be for hand soap and the other for dish soap (at least, that is what I would do if I had two of them).

    • Liz Green says

      I sell real estate and have a seller how has the American Standard double sink, mounted faucet with the lever in the back. We’re trying to find a replacement faucet or parts to fix the one we have. Do you know where we could buy these?

        • Karen says

          We just took this sink out of my kitchen; the white version with 3 bowls like Justin’s. I love it, but I really need a smaller sink to increase my counter space. Any suggestions where I can sell it to someone who will love it as much as I do? I’m in the NYC area.

  5. Paul says

    Looks like the lever was the water control. Other than placement, it’s a standard “left is hot, right is cold” arrangement. Forward is off and back is on. Simply a different placement than we are used to.

    Pictured in the ad on the sink deck are a push-top soap dispensers (not faucet handles) and a lift-up drain control more commonly used on lavatory sinks, but a handy idea for a kitchen sink if you think about it. Also there is the standard vegetable sprayer.

    Justin’s sink may be a different or later model with a more conventional single-lever water control. It’s also possible that the original faucet failed and was replaced with one that is more conventional. His soap dispenser looks to be a newer replacement as well.

    We had an American Standard sink from the early 70s with similar push-button soap dispensers. There were two on the deck and one held soap while my mom used the other for post-washing up hand lotion.

    • Jay says

      Paul is right, just a variation on a theme. I found a plumbing supply co. that had parts diagram of both versions. The “stick” handle is the water faucet control, rear mounted instead of the more conventional top mounted. Fun to look at but I think the designer had too much time on his hands that day.

    • Justin says

      The one I have in my kitchen as pictured above is probably a newer model. I purchased the sink first off of craigslist. Then the fun part was to locate the faucet. I almost dropped the idea of using this sink, since I was having trouble locating the faucet for it. I finally went into a plumbing store that has been in business for a number of years here in the phoenix area. I talked to an older gentlemen who has also worked there for a number of years. He knew exactly what I was talking about. He went into the back storage room and pulled out this facuet that had been sitting on the shelf for at least 20-30 years. All it had was the base plate, faucet and sprayer. He did mention that it originally had levers to open and close the drains, but that they are almost impossible to find. The soap dispenser I picked up from Home Depot and just added it to the unit. I also added the little caps over the existing holes.

  6. Jeremy says

    The Fiesta in “The Wild One” ad is a different version than the one in the Re-Store picture. The “Shift Lever” is clearly the water control, you will notice that it fits into a cutout in the back of the control tower that is not present on the sink in the Re-Store picture. I would guess that the “Shift Lever” water control valve was an early design that was somehow flawed or impractical.

  7. Bepsf says

    Great sink – that would be perfect for a peninsula or island!
    We need more sinks like this – nowadays everything is so Dullsville!

  8. JKM says

    We had one of these in a new house my parents built in 1972 in Dallas. I’d forgotten all about it. One side was large and deep while the other, smaller and shallower, was where the garbage disposal was located. The raised portion had a single-lever faucet, sprayer, drain stopper control and pump for liquid soap. It was similar (or maybe exactly like) the avocado one in the ebay photo above except “harvest gold” in color matching the Formica countertops plus all the latest Hotpoint appliances – double electric self-cleaning wall ovens, electric cooktop, vent-a-hood, garbage compactor and side-by-side refrigerator with thru-the-door ice maker. Earthtones galore…!

  9. Peggy Loflin says

    Love the pictures. I have a FIESTA SINK in white. Yes, it has a 5 spot .one for faucet, sprayer, two soap dispensers, and and extra one you can use for water purifier or something else. I realize the quality is hard to beat, but we may remodel and sell…anyone know what it’s worth?

  10. JEFF says


  11. tim says

    Yes, the lever in the back is the water control. I have a three-bowl model (harvest gold) in a house I just bought. I’ll list it for sale on the forum when we start renovation. The other levers lift and lower the drain plugs. Mine even has a Dishmaster “Princess” (smaller version” in one of the holes!

  12. Marilyn Price says

    I have the three bowl in turquoise color which is not mentioned. I would like to replace the faucet. Mine now has the 1 soap, 1 sprayer but also has two levers that control the drains. The levers for drain do not work. When you look under the sink, the drain levers are connected with metal cables almost like you see on a lawnmower and all the plumbers are stumped of how to fix so am I only left with trying to find a new faucet w/o drain levers? I would love to post a photo of my kitchen fiesta sink since it is of a different color and also get advice of fixing the drain levers or where to get parts to get stoppers if it cannot be fixed. Thanks

    • pam kueber says

      Marilyn, we are not equipped to give that kind of advice. You need to consult with your own professionals – which it sounds like you are doing…

    • Alec Fillmore says

      I have this sink with the two pull knobs to open/close the drains. The knobs pull/push cables connected to levers under the sink in the drain pipes. These levers move up/down and lift/lower plastic drain plugs. If you can tell me what is wrong with them, perhaps I can explain how to fix them.

      Also, I have the original faucet with the “shift lever” water control. It worked great until last year when our city replaced our water mains. When they turned the water back on, all my faucets quit working due to tiny pieces of black plastic. I cleaned them all out, but the faucet started dripping very slowly, and nothing I did would make it stop. I had to replace it with a new faucet, but I still have the old one. If someone wants to try to rebuild it, I’d be interested in selling it.

  13. Vikki says

    You can get replacement faucets for this. Try calling Conleffs plumbing in San Jose CA . They are a bunch of old school guys who knew EXACTLY what my sink was when I brought in pics & told me exactly what I needed. That is where i bought mine. It was $250 a few years ago. I have the double bowl with the solid tower so no lever. It is an unremarkable faucet but if you are going for an authentic look it will work. MOST important is the fact that the faucet is held in place with 2 brackets. One under the faucet & the other at the base of the tower. They are held together with 2 long screws and they keep the deck in place & stable. When I got the sink the deck & faucet were long gone so I had to buy the replacements just to get the parts to be able to use the sink. It has standard sized drains so that is not a worry BUT you HAVE to have the brackets & screws to attach any faucet. I can send a pic of the pieces since I am reinstalling the sink & have it in pieces. It is VERY tight in there so installing the plumbing BEFORE setting the sink is essential. AND IT IS HEAVY!!! I am replacing the faucet with an IKEA that has a narrow base & built-in sprayer. The sprayer gave up the ghost real quick & replacing it woulda been a nightmare. Mine has an Airgap for the DW, an air switch for the garbage disposal, a lotion dispenser & a soap dispenser. Or it will when I put it back together… 🙂

    • Lorraine says

      could I see what your faucet and sink look like put back together….I am looking for a replacement faucet. I have the three bowl sink like the white one above. Thank you.

      • Vikki says

        Hey Lorraine,

        I have no idea how to post a pic. I used an IKEA HJUVIK faucet BUT YOU HAVE TO HAVE the deck & screws I mentioned above or you can’t install any faucet. Call the guys I listed or buy the one on amazon but make sure it includes the deck, under plate & screws. A lot of the IKEA faucets will work on that deck. A good plumber can set it up. it is MUCH easier if the sink is not installed. but then you need 2 people to get the bloody sink back in place.

        • Vikki says

          Oh, by the way. Using the IKEA makes it NOT look mid-century so if you want authentic, go with faucet that was meant for it. I am not a stickler for any era. I just love weird plumbing & many old styles… so it depends on if you want a fun sink or are interested in a 1970’s kitchen….

        • pam kueber says

          The blog code does not allow for posting photos directly into a comment. You must post them somewhere online then post the url here.

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