• Boomerang laminate — 3 designs, 14 colors available today

    3 styles, 14 colors boomerang laminates available todayI have da boomerang laminates covered one-by-one in other stories, but here, I pull them into one place for those renovators to compare and constrast. According to my research, there are three laminate boomerang designs — with a total of 14 possible colorways — available today. Updated January 2011: Wilsonart ads 11 more colors of boomerang. Read on more more details and better photos, and where to get these laminates at the lowest prices –>

    formica charcoal boomerang

    1. The Formica boomerang (above) has always been the least expensive and easiest to get your hands on — but today, it is only available in this Charcoal colorway. For the best prices — and this should be about $75 per sheet– head right to your big box store, like a Home Depot, Lowes or Menards.
      wilsonart retro mintwilsonart retro maltwilsonart retro pop
    2. The Wilsonart boomerangs (above) — there are three colorways — are all part of their Indie Collection. These must be ordered through a counter top design company. The source with the best prices today, as far as I know, is Heffron’s A Moment in Time. A 4′ x 8′ sheet is $220, plus $30 shipping.
      boomerang laminates from vitro available at heffrons a moment in time
    3. These last 10 laminate colorways (above) seem to be manufactured by Vitro. As with the Wilsonart boomies above, the best price I know of is Heffron’s A Moment in Time. Apparently this is even more specialized with lower product runs, so it’s the most expensive: $325.50 for a 4′x10′ sheet at Heffron’s (vs. $328.79 at Vitro and $425 at Bars & Booths). Disclosure: Heffron’s is currently an advertiser. This story is not part of the deal, though. And, they really do have the lowest prices, as far as I know. If I learn otherwise, I will update this story. 

    Note, the images I was able to get from the manufacturer and retailer websites are not helpful in terms of getting a real feel for the beauty of these designs. Of course: Getting actual samples first, before you pull the credit card trigger.

    Do you want more research about potential countertop solutions for a retro kitchen or bath? See my big fat Category of all counter top stories here.

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    1. gavin hastinings says:

      Leave it to you!

      You have done many chapters on “Boomerangs”, but they were never quite the ones that made an impression on me in… 1966.

      Vitro’s “Bianca” is it. It was the countertop of “The Donut Jar” here in Springfield. I used to trace the design on my paper napkin at the counter.

    2. Ann-Marie Meyers says:

      Let us not forget, the real name of Boomerang is Skylark, so named by its creator, Brooks Stevens, the very famous and talented mid century industrial designer.
      You all most likely have many things in your home that look the way they do because Mr. Stevens came up with their design.
      Pam, you should do a feature on him sometime.

      • Richard Emmet says:

        Brooks Stevens also designed the post-war Willys Jeep Station Wagon, sold from 1946 thru the mid-60′s. A beautiful and functional automotive design, and arguably the first mass produced American SUV.

    3. KEEKS!

    4. fraujoolie says:

      Ah…. I had that Yellow Glacier installed in my kitchen, shortly before I had to move across the country to escape an imploding Detroit economy. It was lovely.

    5. Oh my! Oh my! Ohhhhh! I thought I was happy with my countertops and then you do this post. Now I NEED that glacier on my countertop. sigh……

    6. Any chance there may be a stockist in Australia????

    7. Nothing comes up on the Wilsonart website. I guess they’ve discontinued their boomerang pattern. Not able to find anything for Vitro either. How about a 2013 update on the boomerang story? We just put in our offer on a 1955 “Mid Century Modest” with most of its interior intact, but the countertops are boring cream color. NO! They must be pink or mint or turquoise. Lol! Help me find my counter top laminate, Pam!

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