Retro Renovation Breaking News: New midcentury modern Samba exterior door hardware from Rejuvenation

midcentury modern doorset escutcheon, samba by rejuvenation
You read it here first: On Monday Feb. 13 Rejuvenation will be officially launching their new Samba doorset escutcheon. But I saws the catalog posting Friday, jumped on it and posted the first photos last night. This morning, I got these fullsize photos from the PR department, along with some additional info. According to Rejuv, the Samba is a reproduction of a doorset introduced by the Weiser Company in the latter half of the 1960s. Then, it was simply named “Modern Escutcheon.” About the design, Rejuv says, “It spotlights the dynamic dance between dramatic mid-’60s sophistication and the clean simplicity of Mid-Century Modern design.” I would call it brutalist.

Overnight I also asked Rejuvenation industrial designer Tim Wetzel for his thoughts:

This is one we really had a hard time figuring out. I disgree with Bo’s Brutalism tag, but you can be the judge. Brutalism is one of those terms that sends most people (self included) off to Google for a definition. I found this site that seems to explain Brutalism well: [Note from Pam, here is my story on Brutalist Furniture:]

To me Samba is all about decoration for decoration’s sake, which is 180 degrees opposite of the concepts of Brutalism. But what the Samba style is seems really tough to pin down. Maybe there is some vaguely Polynesian reference.  Maybe it was just a crazy fun doodle that we are over-thinking.  We still have the package it came in, but there is no clue on that as to the style – it was labeled simply “Modern”.  One thing for sure- it is striking, unusual and beyond the motifs typically seen on fancy door sets.

It will be interesting to see if your readers have a name for this style, or if they can point to other items with a similar motif.

Continue on for big honkin’ photos of all the finishes — and a lovely room shot.

“At a height of 16in., the Samba comes with the Schlage Orbit locking set and everything you need for a door with a 2-3/8in. or 2-3/4in. backset, plus an optional matching deadbolt.” It comes in three finishes — polished brass, polished chromes, and brushed chrome. Looks like it is $280. If that fazes you, you can occasionally find these vintage, but be sure they fit. See this story for some additonal examples of fabulous door escutcheons found via this blog, now mostly sold.

midcentury modern doorset escutcheon, samba by rejuvenation

The first reader who finds me a photo with an authentic vintage one of these wins my everlasting admiration and if I get my act together, one of my vintage Fuller Brush salesman spatulas. Link: Samba doorset from Rejuvenation.



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  1. Ann-Marie Meyers says

    Ooooooh. That makes for a tough decision. The door lock? Or Crestview Doors windows in my already paneled front door. I think both would be overkill.
    Maybe I can use the door lock somewhere else.

  2. Yvette Williams says

    Aw…that would require a new front door for me 🙁 Bolt is too close to the door knob on mine. What a fabulous look!

      • Steve 66 says

        Very cool, I agree that the square knobs would be a great match. I think it could be described as Brutalist in a decorative arts sense, not in an architectural sense. I think by the late 1960’s there was a growing interest in primitive and ethnic design, sort of a reaction against the slickness of space-age, and I think this sort of speaks to that. It definitely fits with things like the coarse textured scandinavian glassware of the time.

        • Angela Anderson says

          Just saw this on Pinterest. I love the Brutalist style, and I agree with Steve that it has a brutalist look. I also agree about the square knob looking fabulous with it!

  3. bepsf says

    Oh dear – My bonus is coming soon and now this staring me in the face…

    …would have to get a 5″ backset tho – That’s only another $12.

    And I’m loving the brass – tho that would mean replacing my Schlage electronic lock too… (Sigh)

  4. philq says

    Interesting. Screams late 1960’s abstract to me. This could have been marketed as a line of Picasso-inspired escutcheons.

  5. clampers says

    Ooh ooh ooh! Can I have one? Will someone buy one for me. $280 is too much for me. But man this would look groovy on my door.

    I wish they were offering that antiqued brass look that is so ubiquitous throughout ’60s and ’70s houses though. You know the kind.

    Well. Anyway. I can’t wait to see what else they come up with in this same concept. Looking forward to the prices coming down…hopefully?

  6. says

    i was just discussing the lack of brushed copper finishes in the mid-century offering with rejuvenation headquarters this week. all the hardware in my house is, and i can not find a deadbolt ANYWHERE in it. rejuvenation makes other hardware in this finish, but not the mid century. anyone else have any ideas?

    • Emma says

      Jen, you could look into commercial (rather than residential/big box store) offerings. Brushed Bronze (also called Satin Bronze) is a close if not identical match to vintage brushed copper finishes, and it is a standard finish for commercial locks. Schlage, Yale, Sargent, and other commercial lockmakers all offer cylindrical doorknobs and deadbolts in that finish that would be perfect for MCM homes. They’re a bit pricy but the quality and security make up for it, and you won’t need to replace them for a very long time.

      You might have to contact a locksmith to order Yale and Sargent locks, however much of Schlage’s commercial range is readily available to purchase online.

  7. Paula Webb says

    Did you notice that the door in Mr. Modtomic’s post about his Eric Buck barstools has a similar set that is square?

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