The 1950s Daystrom Playdine: A kitchen table that transforms into a poker table

a kitchen table that opens to reveal a poker table -- a PlaydineThanks to Tami, who spotted this wonderful oddity — woddity — on ebay yesterday and passed it along to me. I quick-like obtained permission from seller to feature the photos, so here you are: The Playdine. Play-Dine, get it? Tami wrote:

Hi Pam –
Now I have seen many a wonderful cracked iced dinette sets, but this one is soooooo wonderful, it also has a hidden felt game table with bake-lite ashtrays and everything! And the Pink and Gray boomerang vinyl on the chairs is absolutely YUMMY! and ORIGINAL!!!!  It’s official name is Playdine! Please take a look – I hope you’ll make an emergency posting on this one!!!

a kitchen table that transforms into a poker table - the PlaydineI did some quick online research. This was made by the Superchrome Furniture Company in Los Angeles. Yes: Superchrome! I love saying that. Superchrome! UPDATE: Correction, this is surely a Daystrom Playdine — see comment string below to see an ad nailing it as such. Superchrome was a second (at least) brand, it seems…

Here’s what seller DJS100 has to say in his listing:

This is a fabulous vintage 1950’s kitchen dinette table for the retro decor. It can also be converted into a dice or poker game table. The formica table top is a grey cracked ice design. The edge is very wide ribbed aluminum. The tubular chrome legs curve into the center to create a decorative pedestal. The table top measures approx. 36″ by 48″. The extra leaf adds another 12″ to the length. When the formica top is removed, it reveals the felt table with surrounding compartments for chips, drinks and ashtrays. There are six bakelite ashtrays. There are four chairs with all original vinyl upholstery. The vinyl has boomerang designs in grey and black. There are diagonal sections of pink vinyl on the backrests.

The chair legs are tubular chrome. There is normal wear on the set for being 60 years old.No rips or tears in the vinyl and no chips on the formica. The felt on the game table has some wear and stains. Easily replaceable. A few cigarette burns in the ashtray and beverage compartments. This is a very rare set called Playdine and only a few were ever manufactured..

Very cool indeed. Thank you to the DJS100 for giving me permission to feature their photos here, for our longterm woddity archive.

Do you want to buy this table? It’s physically located in Columbus, Ohio. Here’s the listing (*affiliate link):

I also found this video… seller says the table is Daystrom. The table is at 1:50 —

Finally, here’s a later model — 1970s? These things must have been made for a while…?

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  1. nina462 says

    You must keep the cigarette burn holes! I have a tissue box in my bathroom that has a melted spot where someone left their cigarette. Makes the story behind the item more interesting…

  2. Lynn-O-Matic says

    I would adore that set even if it were only an “ordinary” dinette set. That fact that it converts to game table just sends it into the stratosphere. Oh, mercy, I don’t think I can stand all the awesomeness. This should live at my house.

  3. TappanTrailerTami says

    So tempting to off my mid century oak dining set! I still just LUV the upholstery on this set, and that it is “different”. Oh, and I also am pretty smitten with their linoleum underneath it too…..

    Hope some RR reader snags this set!

  4. Laurie V says

    Superchrome and cracked ice, both fun to say.
    I would love to have one of those. I’d even give up my two older sisters for one, cause that Pink is to die for.

    • Jana (Berniecat) says

      Ok Laurie,
      I’ll see your two sisters and raise you three cats!…. This set is absolutely marvelous- cigarette burns and all.

  5. hannah says

    Just when you thought you’d seen it all…..(recall the MCM sofa that doubled as a pool table).

    Little bit of fabulous going on with the vinyl on those chairs!

  6. pam kueber says

    Update: I was the one who made the original conclusion — incorrect, I am now sure — that the model for sale was a Superchrome. Steven’s photo definitely nails this as a DAYSTROM Playdine — just like the video guy says. I will correct the story!

  7. Peggy says

    I ALMOST bid on this same exact table a few weeks ago. Hubby gave his permission, until I figured out that it would be $300 to have it shipped to me. Sob!

  8. Jennifer says

    I saw one of these on the St. Louis Craigslist a couple of months ago, I knew I should have sent it to ya’! It was around the same time of the sofa/pool table transformer. 😀

  9. Alicia says

    I was looking for a chrome dinette for the kitchen in the little 1967 home I recently purchased. I told my mom what I was looking for, knowing that if I put her on the case she would find something great faster than I could. She found this table and it was next to the Christmas tree when I got to her house. I’m so thrilled!

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