Gone Kitschmas Krazy for ornament wreaths

vintage ornament wreathDo you ever get so crazzzzzy obsesssssed with something that you lose an entire week of your life? Call me binge-crafter, because this week I could barely focus on anything but ornie-hoarding so that I could make more of these vintage ornament wreaths using Georgia Peachez’ instructions. C.R.A.Z.Y. As in: I could barely concentrate on the blog (ask Kate, she’ll tell you) while I scoured all of Berkshire County for vintage Christmas ornaments. I’ve been buying from ebay and etsy, too. Argh. Mid-November is not the right time to hunt for vintage ornaments, too much competition from similarly obsessed, late-planning crafters. Have a great weekend. Me? I hot glue, therefore, I am. Tune back in on Monday for more info, photos and tips to come from my DIY session making this wreath, which turned out F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S.


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  1. Blair Kooistra says

    Pam, please contact me via e-mail regarding the restored Ruth Paine Home of Irving, Texas and its link to the JFK assassination, the 50th anniversary of which is this upcoming Friday.

  2. Lynne says

    Yeah, we had snow last week and a devastating tornado on Sunday! Its hard to stay in Holiday DIY mode with wild swings like this.

  3. Loretta Jones says

    Gotta tell you…after Christmas Hobby Lobby sale on everything Christmas, especially gorgeous ornaments..80% off!!! Too late for this year but next year….

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