Colorful marbleized Kohler toilet seats from 1929


Doing research on bathroom fixture colors, I came across this tidbit: Colors for Kohler toilet seats in 1929. Be still my heart. Plastic so beautiful — I should go into business. Alas, I think it would be a good way to lose a lot of money. Source: The Building Technology Heritage Library.

vintage-church-toilet-marbleized-toilet-seatThese toilet seats are another particular obsession of mine. I tried to buy the one above right off the toilet at this fun estate sale — it was SO HEAVY. I know most folks would think that is gross, but, golly, ain’t they ever heard of Lysol? In any case, no one has sold me one yet.


Above: Church toilet seat colors from one of my brochures. One of the first things I ever wrote about on the blog, way back in 2007.


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  1. Carolyn says

    Bemis owns the Church line and while they have quite the color selection, alas, none are marble-ized/pearlized.
    The closest to “fancy” that I’ve seen is in certain catalogs that offer starfish and sea horses or fish for about $80. They look cool with the lid up (which cats and dogs and little children just LOVE!) but then the scene is upside down when closed.

  2. ineffablespace says

    The house up the street where my sitter lived had a lavender and black bathroom with one of these seats. I don’t remember what was which color, I mostly remember that she had doll toilet paper and tissue box covers crocheted out of lavender, black and white cotton thread.

  3. Paul in Omaha says

    I’ve seen electric guitars made from a similar material. People would jokingly refer to it as “Mother of Toiletseat.”

  4. Markie says

    Ohhh man I would soooo love that! I remember as a child being fascinated with the cracked ice table top and marbelized toilet seat my grandma had. Sure wish I had them now!

  5. Holland VanDieren says

    If only manufacturers would offer marbleized plastic and glitter-flake laminate products again. Does Industry not know about our pent-up demand for such beauty?!?

    • Andrea says

      Holland, I am with you 100%. Your comment is the best thing I have ever read with regards to fancy toilet seats:

      “Does Industry not know about our pent-up demand for such beauty?!?”

  6. tammyCA says

    I’ve seen those seats too but didn’t know they were from the ’20s. Very cool Koehler catalog..I’m in love with that sink K-4915 with the gold tapered legs (there’s a hidden Hollywood regency/vintage Palm beach entity living within). 😀

  7. David in Marietta says

    Like Pam, I too bought a used Sears toilet seat at an estate sale. Nice green color for my bath that matches perfectly. The lady at the checkout said “You wanna buy THAT?”. Needless to say, I got it cheap. When I brought it home, my wife looked at me with quite the expression. It cleaned up nice (yes that is what Lysol is for), looks great and original. So I support you Pam!

    • Carolyn says

      David in Marietta – if it had a pricetag on it or had been removed from the toilet, why wouldn’t you want to buy THAT? Isn’t that what “sale” means? Ach!

  8. la573 says

    My childhood home had two similar seats installed circa 1973 – I think they were Olsenite brand, maybe Sears, not quite as shiny but still a veined cultured-marble look, so some of them were made more recently.

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