Colorful marbleized Kohler toilet seats from 1929


Doing research on bathroom fixture colors, I came across this tidbit: Colors for Kohler toilet seats in 1929. Be still my heart. Plastic so beautiful — I should go into business. Alas, I think it would be a good way to lose a lot of money. Source: The Building Technology Heritage Library.

vintage-church-toilet-marbleized-toilet-seatThese toilet seats are another particular obsession of mine. I tried to buy the one above right off the toilet at this fun estate sale — it was SO HEAVY. I know most folks would think that is gross, but, golly, ain’t they ever heard of Lysol? In any case, no one has sold me one yet.


Above: Church toilet seat colors from one of my brochures. One of the first things I ever wrote about on the blog, way back in 2007.

  1. la573 says:

    My childhood home had two similar seats installed circa 1973 – I think they were Olsenite brand, maybe Sears, not quite as shiny but still a veined cultured-marble look, so some of them were made more recently.

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