• steel kitchen cabinets

    Wow! We've identified more than 75 brands of vintage steel kitchen cabinets and show many ideas how to use them in your kitchen design.

    kitchen cabinets sales kit

    My vintage Republic Steel Kitchen cabinets salesman’s at-home pr...


    Robert and Caroline’s mid century home with dreamy St. Charles k...


    Another rare steel kitchen cabinet sighting — Palley


    Beautycraft kitchen cabinets made by Miller Metal Products

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    22 kitchens in 22 days: All the best stuff’s in St. Louis


    Catherine & Jonathan revive their vintage Geneva cabinets in this...

    roller guides drawers

    Replacement kitchen drawer rollers for steel kitchen cabinets


    Rare vintage Youngstown Kitchens metal hutch


    Harvest gold kitchen cabinets — vintage St. Charles


    Vintage St. Charles kitchen cabinets in Raspberry


    Melita uses steel laboratory cabinets to create her retro dream kitche...


    Whitehead steel kitchen cabinets — 20-page catalog from 1937

    ge wonder kitchen

    The GE Wonder Kitchen: Introduced in 1955


    Ann recreates the look of vintage steel kitchen cabinets — in wo...

    mies van der rohe chicago kitchen

    Mies van der Rohe apartment gets Retro Renovated with a “newR...


    Purple and walnut 1970 St. Charles metal kitchen


    Breaking News: St. Charles steel kitchens to be revived by St. Charles...


    A vintage 1956 English Rose kitchen – including REVO oven

    cobalt blue steel kitchen cabinets

    Powder coating steel kitchen cabinets — Todd’s story ̷...


    1978 St. Charles kitchen with groovy grooved wood doors – 9 phot...

    St. Charles kitchen cabinets promoted for the launch of the new Viking brand, December 2007

    Viking discontinues St. Charles steel kitchen cabinet sales


    Brian & Keri’s Happily Ever After $7,000 kitchen remodel

    green st charles kitchen

    Custom green 1964 St. Charles kitchen


    The 3 most common questions: On tile, on plumbing fixtures, on steel k...

    vintage st charles wood cabinets

    1957 St. Charles kitchen cabinets — steel boxes and drawers, woo...

    GE metal kitchen cabinets with irregular fading

    Vintage GE steel kitchen cabinets: Random fading problem


    The vintage steel kitchen cabinet Forum is back — new technology...

    eight colors of vintage crane kitchen sinks

    1953 Crane kitchen cabinets — 26 photos — complete catalog

    factory installed undercabinet lighting in kate mckinnons kitchen

    Factory-installed undercabinet lighting in vintage St. Charles kitchen...

    olympia kitchen cabinets emblem

    Our 74th brand of vintage metal cabinets: Olympia Aluminum Kitchen Kab...

    republic steel kitchen cabinet

    Let’s help Helen find her last steel kitchen cabinet!


    Retro Renovation in the Wall Street Journal

    vintage geneva kitchen cabinets spotted in a target commercial

    Vintage Geneva kitchen cabinets spotted in a Target commercial

    how much is a set of vintage st charles metal kitchen cabinets worth

    The average price of premium vintage steel kitchen cabinets in 2010: $...


    Blind corner lazy susans in vintage metal kitchen cabinets: rare sight...

    youngstown kitchen servi center

    Youngstown Servi-Center: Super rare metal kitchen cabinet?


    On the hunt for vintage metal cabinets — be sure to carry a sled...

    steel kitchen cabinets without paint

    Can you leave your metal kitchen cabinets unpainted – stripped down ...


    13 pages of Youngstown metal kitchen cabinets


    Vintage Youngstown metal kitchen cabinets – a picture perfect 19...