Crane wall-mount sinks – great for small, mid-century bathrooms

Yesterday, I wrote about a new source for chrome legs to go with wall-mount, aka wall-hung sinks. Now that we have that problem solved (thank you, Franklin Brass), I offer several wall-mount sink models from Crane Plumbing to go with the legs. The first one at the top is particularly cool, don’t you think? It’s the Crane Yorkshire. The second simpler model is the Crane Norwich. NOTE THOUGH: Crane says that these are not designed for legs … I am going to do more research on this, as I have a hard time believing there are no holes for legs but meanwhile, take note.

Another very good alternative is to buy a vintage sink at a salvage shop, tag sale, or even put an ad in your local newspaper — over the course of 5 years of hunting, I’ve seen a dozen or more available through these means.

Also: Try the Re-Store. And there’s always: deabath.com

And see all my postings on retro-styled faucets. Note, some of these sinks are also available with 4″- and 8″-three hole setups.

Finally – check your local Home Depot. Last time I was there, they also had wall-mount sinks reach to cash and carry.

  1. Pat Harris says:

    I have one of these vintage Crane sinks and it had legs on it when I took it off the wall to remodel the bathroom. I’m not done with the remodeling and am now looking to get the sink refinished. I’m now in the process of trying to remove the faucet; it must be the original faucet because on the underside the washers are rusted to the stem nuts. I will try for a couple of more days of spraying a WD-40 (but better) aerosol on the stem nuts and washer to get them to release. Pat

  2. Chris says:

    Great you found that and got a ‘Neuday’ as well, good to hear. I now am seeing underlined above that Crane say’s these Yorkshire sinks aren’t intended to have legs? Why then does the sink have holes in the bottom to accommodate them AND the towel racks? Were they to be installed in homes with NO KIDS? haha, my boys ages 4 and 7 will have this ripped off the wall in no time while brushing their teeth! I don’t buy it. CHEERS. Chris. (P.S. house built in 1954)

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      When we say no holes for legs – it’s on the models sold today, apparently. It’s on my list to 100% verify this with Crane, as we are having a hard time believing this. On vintage sinks – I’ve always seen them with holes for legs up front and also sometimes with holes at the back for the other connection to the towel bar (although some towel bar designs connect to the wall.)

  3. Dustin says:

    I purchased my grandparents’ house which was built in 1955. The bathroom was originally pink and green: pink and green plastic tile on the walls, green and gray rubber floor tile, and pale green Canadian Potteries (the Canadian Crane subsidiary) fixtures.

    Over the years, the fixtures eventually got pulled out and replaced – so when I bought the house, Re-store and salvage yards were high on the list. Green is hard to find matching, so I got nervous and picked white.

    At one of the salvage yards, I was able to pick up a white Yorkshire sink – WITH the original Crane chrome faucets still attached…for $20. Re-Store provided the white Neuday toilet. All we had to do was buy a toilet kit for the tank, pop some new washers in the faucets for the sink, install the works…and now we’ve got it made!

    Love your site, I thought I was the only person preserving a better time! Nice to know there’s more kindred spirits out there.

  4. Chris says:

    Hello, we live in the Cliff May Rancho’s of Long Beach, Ca.. Our boy’s bathroom had been redone ages ago but they at least retained the original BLUE tub. Some neighbors in the tract recently gave us the original matching and complete blue toilet, Crane Neuday, and blue sink, Crane Yorkshire, the exact same as above!! No legs however, but now I found this site we are so happy that you have provided a vendor for those! Thank you, great site! Chris

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