There’s nothing like a shiny bundle of vintage chrome to accessorize a retro kitchen renovation. I found a nice site,, that offers refurbished toasters like this Toastmaster Imperial:


“Refurbished” — and at a price — because you actually might want to make toast knowing you’re not likely to burn the kitchen down. My husband is particular stickler for that, although I have been known to take a chance on appliances found at garage sales….

The proprietor of ToasterCentral tells me that he has several toasters available that include vintage holiday advertising — a nice package for the holidays!


Checking out ToasterCentral’s links, I also discovered The Toaster Museum Foundation, at — it’s a bona fide 501c3 corporation that chronicles…well, the history of the toaster. Go to the virtual museum to see classics from 1940-60s. What fun!

The vintage ad (click thumbnail to enlarge) — When It’s Toasters instead of Torpedoes — is from their site. Isn’t it great — another example how in the wake WWII we had to create a market for all that steel and industrial know-how.

  1. Ronald Bacelo says:

    Help!, I was at an antique store that was being sold and liquidated. I purchased a 4 slice automatic pop-up toaster and cannot find nothing about it online anywhere. The brand name is “State Pride” It’s Chrome and Black and squared off. If anyone can help me find out how old this thing is and some info on State pride I would appreciate it.

  2. astrosonical says:

    I have that toaster, some Einstein engraved their serial number on the top of it! It’s fully automatic, it lowers the bread itself. I paid $1.00 for it, and not much more for a similar model that just has the regular pop-up feature. Mine are both used looking but not ruined.

  3. Tikimama says:

    I love discovering old posts like this because someone came along and made a comment! Checked out Toaster Central’s site, and it’s a fun one. Pam, you mentioned the links, so I looked at those, and I wondered if PugFreek had seen the typewriter sites. Very cool!

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Teri, welcome! Gosh, our ‘new’ toasters keep breaking after a year… I think I need to buy vintage!

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