Stephan from Palm Springs weighs in on last week’s post about WPA posters:

If I may add a little something more to today’s post on WPA posters:

The National Park Service picked up on the Retro craze some time ago and has for several years been selling reproductions of these posters in their giftshops at most of the national parks. While visiting Yellowstone in 2000, I found an entire line of other products based on the posters, including refrigerator magnets, note books, post cards, etc. estespark.jpg

And how many of us had grandmothers with cheesy souvenir pillows from places she had visited? Well, the national parks are even selling reproductions of those! Here’s my own Yellowstone pillow in brown felt with classic yellow chain stitching. I’ve also seen similiar products at Rocky Mountain National Park, Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, and other western parks.

And for retro style travel posters, there is an artist in Boulder, Colorado who is producing some wonderful artwork that is available in yellowstone-pillow.jpgposter form (

The majority of his work pertains to local Colorado tourist destinations, but he also has posters for Stowe, Vermont; some locations in Maine; Big Sky, Montana; Lake Tahoe; and Lansing, Michigan.

I have the large Estes Park poster with the 1950s style auto and camper trailer as well as several of the small Boulder posters (I went to school at the University of Colorado in Boulder). And his website is itself a work of art, great fun to browse through.

Stephan – Palm Springs

Thanks, Stephen. I agree that Camp Steve is a very fun website indeed. And I LOVE the Estes Park poster. Gosh, don’t even get me started on my desire for a vintage canned ham trailer to restore….that’s another blog altogether!

Note, the Ranger Rick website that Kay sent us to, also had other items besides posters . And I still encourage everyone to read his story – quite a lifelong pursuit!

Retro reno readers, be sure to read about Stephen’s new place in a building once owned by Tony Curtis. And, keep your finds coming, everyone!

  1. david i says:

    Speaking of Canned Ham I just bought one (i’ts a 1948) and I’d love to post pictures of my resteration

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