Vintage wallpaper for Sebastian — Femme1 sends us a great website

vintage wallpaper for a 50s 60s home

seb-4.jpgIn searching for more wallpaper choices for Sebastian and his yellow and black 1955 bathroom, Femme1 has found an incredible stash on a website in Sweden. In the 1950-1965 section, there are 180 different styles alone, including many in multiple roles!

vintage wallpaper for a 50s 60s home

Hi again, Pam!

I was looking around for wallpaper for the post about Sebastien’s bathroom (what a great floor, by the way). I came upon this site, which is Swedish, but they have an English button on the front page, so you can read the info. This is vintage wallpaper and is very pricey, but there is some amazing stuff there. I’m temped to buy some, even though I don’t have a wallpapering project!

There may be some here that would work for his yellow and black bathroom.

The site is: Interior1900.com

vintage wallpaper for a 50s bathroom

Thanks, Femme1. Even though you called me a girly-girl yesterday – presumably because of my cutesy poo wallpaper reco to Sebastian. In any case, since you followed up your slander with action leading to this great information, I will overlook it. This time. 🙂

retro wallpaper for a 50s 60s home

If you have a lot of Euro’s stashed away, here is your opportunity. As Femme1 mentions, these are expensive — $100 a roll. Even if you don’t have the cash, this site is oh-so-fun to look at…and a great lesson that, if you see vintage wallpaper at an estate sale or Re-Store, you should snap it up.

retro wallpaper for a 50s 60s home

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