Retro bathroom: 1959 green and blue bathroom from American Standard

A yummy 1959 American Standard bathroom today – fabulous, don’t you agree? I LOVE the vanity – which we have seen before in pink (and which a reader actually told me that she bought!). And that toilet – why did these off-the-floor designs not catch on? Don’t you hate the dust bunnies (or worse) clinging to bottom of your toilet where it meets the floor? Ick. Also, check out the flooring, so emerging-groovy, and of course, the color palette – also heading decisively into the 60s. Ad: 1959 American Standard.

  1. Jennifer Ovink says:

    Anyone know the color names for 1962-ish American Standard? I have a beige, pink and turquoise bathroom. I would love to know the color names of these bathrooms. I’ve tried everyone, except AS itself. Figured that would be going down the rabbit hole. Anyone have a color chart or names? The beige is the hardest to capture – kind of a rosey beige.

    1. Aubrey says:

      I realize this was a question from last year, but I just now found it. 🙂

      deabath.com is a GREAT source for answers. They also have an 800 number you can call and you will get a person. They’ve helped me a ton.

      Not affiliated with DEA bath what-so-ever. Just a customer and a fan.

      I took my 50’s retro bathroom [with Richmond tub, sink, toilet in a green color (close to the AS Ming Green)] back to an early 1920’s bathroom.

  2. Pat says:

    I have that vanity in beige with a white sink…in good condition, and would love to find it a new home. Anyone out there interested? It would be such a shame to take it to the dump.

  3. wendy says:

    Pam, LOVE the site. we just bought a charming better homes and gardens ‘efficiency ranch” built in 1954. one of the selling points was the fabulous green tub as featured above. sadly, the rest of the room had been ‘upgraded’. as luck would have it, the bathroom is now gutted due to dry rot. although the remodel is involuntary it is a great chance to let our tub shine. i do need help picking colors.tile.floor.etc…i have never worked with a blank slate before. for tile i am loving daltiles golden granite – a gold salt and pepper. i scored a kohler toilet and sink in almond at restore – so i am thinking sandy beach colors – coral, peach? i saw this shade of green paired with yellow in the sherwin williams book in another post and i love that combination. HELP. suggestions are greatly appreciated. many thanks for the inspiration!

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