Where can I find a wall-mount faucet for my vintage kitchen sink?

Jan asks:

We are having the hardest time trying to find a replacement faucet for our 1950’s Crosley kitchen sink. It is a wall mount faucet on the cast iron sink. Can you help?

Jan, these are around – but the first place that I’d check, is deabath.com. They seem to be real experts in finding plumbing parts for vintage sinks and more. In addition, you can consider a Dishmaster, from dishmaster-faucet.com, their old-fashioned M76 model can be “wall-mounted.” Good luck!

  1. lelsasser says:


    Just fyi, I bought replacement brackets for my vintage wall hung bathroom sink from DEAbath a month or so ago and they are fantastic. They also told me that they specialize in vintage Crane. Like Pam said, they may have just what you need!

  2. Holden says:

    We found a replacement for ours at The Faucet Parts Store in Arlington, TX (817 649-8919). It was by a company called Pioneer: http://www.pioneerind.com/bar.html

    We replaced ours with model #210300, with a few adjustments it fit the old plumbing in the wall and took about an hour to complete.

  3. pam kueber says:

    Wow, Jane, that is a great find! I’ll add it to the short list of kitchen faucet recommendations. Thanks!

  4. Gseibel says:

    I have a vintage kitchen sink w/attached drainboard that we had re-surfaced and are using along with the wall mounted faucet that I found by Glacier Bay at Home Depot. I am now looking for the soap dish that can be attached to the wall mount faucet as is pictured above. Any ideas on finding just the soap dish?

  5. Evelyn Dart says:

    I am looking for a faucet and handles for a 1930’s kitchen sink. They are mounted on the sinks backsplash which is on a 45 degree angle. Everything I find is wall or flat mounted. Can anyone help me?

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