I have been working on retro laminates lately – and originally thought there were only these big five: Wilsonart, Formica, Pionite, Nevamar and Arborite. But – I’ve now discovered a 6th company – Arpa USA. They have a terrific-looking portfolio — of solids, in particular. Some of the greens come darn close to that famous 50s pistachio… there are some pinks that are pretty good… ditto, blues. And, if you’re looking for that 60s Brady Bunch orange – Fiesta, baby, you’ve got it!

I emailed Arpa and asked if they could send me their ring of solids…and they did! Very exciting as this is the first product that I’ve ever asked for as a blogger – and received. I have several more posts planned on some of these colors and how to use them for retro kitchen and retro bathroom renovations. Thank you, Arpa USA!

Website: Arpausa.com

  1. Shamira Hanes says:

    Thanks for posting these. I just contacted Arpausa.com to request samples. I’m wanting to do my kitchen in green and pink, but I’m wanting to get as close to mid-1950s colors as possible. The cabinets in my kitchen are the original wood, but the doors and drawer fronts need to be replaced due to poor condition. The countertops are granite (but not pretty or my taste). The sink is a stainless undermount. I will be looking at many samples because I want to be sure I do it just the way I want it with no regrets afterward (if possible).

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