Chrome sink legs and brackets for your wall mount sink – from deabath.com

In addition to the Franklin Brass chrome sink legs I’ve written about, Deabath.com offers this set – from a different manufacturer – for $50/pair. With their ‘hexagon’ styling they are spot-on retro for the 40s and 50s.

Deabath also offers three other varieties of sink legs. They are more expensive models – heavier castings – and generally, for earlier periods. Although – the set authentically reproduced from 1935 has timeless modern appeal – yummy!


  • Remember… take any wall hung sink … as long as it has holes to take legs toward the front/underneath … add chrome or stainless steel legs — and voila, you’ve got a great retro look.
  • Note – these sinks can be a little ‘shorter’ than pedestal sinks today. When I installed my vintage sink w/legs, I added some rubber baby buggy bumpers (rubber gasket thingy’s) at the bottom and top of the legs to get a little more height. Worked fine, can’t see it a bit, and the sink-height issue, which I tortured over in advance, turned out to be a non-issue. And I am 5’8″.
  • Finally, A sink with legs means you will have to find places to store your lotions and bottles other than a vanity. And, you will have to keep that bathroom tidy and free of dust bunnies. But, in smaller mid mod bathrooms, a sink with chrome legs really opens up the space and makes it feel bigger. And keeping your bathroom clean is a righteous thing.

Here is the link straight to these legs on the deabath website.

  1. Catherine says:

    Where did you get the rubber baby buggy bumpers? I am installing a vintage American Standard shelf back sink and one of the legs has a rubber “gasket” on top of it but the other does not.

  2. Cassandra says:

    After we installed our vintage american standard sink with vintage chrome legs and towel bars it is leaking! And we already drilled through the tile. Is there a sink that will retro fit in without moving the legs? The deabath only has a few sinks and not the right size. We have been combing the internet for another white sink and cannot find one!

  3. Vicki says:

    Found the retro wall hung sink legs with a nice hex design. Now where to find the towel bars that attach to each side. Anyone?

  4. Cheryl says:

    Hi, Pam! I found a beautiful, vintage, ming green Standard wall mount sink (and matching toilet!) – for a steal – to install in a bathroom (peach tiled, with thick bullnose, amazing decorative green trim tile we discovered under ugly white paint, and gorgeous vintage octagonal chrome accessories… swoon!) in my “new” old 1939 jumbo Georgain.

    I also found a set of vintage octagonal sink legs with *perfectly-fitting* towel bars that seem made for the sink, but I don’t know squat about mounting sinks to walls. Are there wall brackets I need to find and purchase to do this correctly?



    1. pam kueber says:

      yes, wall hung sinks need brackets – go to deabath.com, tell ’em I sent you! CONGRATS! Send me photos when your project is completed!

  5. Natalia says:

    We got these legs for our “new” wall-mount sink but didn’t realize they require drilling a hole in the floor. Apparently the original sink in our bathroom was a wall-mount design that didn’t incorporate legs like these, because there are no holes in the floor now.

    I’m not keen on putting holes in our 1953 tile. Has anyone tried other solutions to prevent the legs from skidding, like a rubber washer or something? Or are there leg designs out there that don’t require drilling holes?

    1. pam kueber says:

      Natalia, I think you should consult with the pros — deabath.com — on this question. In my experience, they are very helpful.

  6. lelsasser says:


    I can attest to these fabulous sink legs. I actually bought these legs several months ago and they are wonderful! It makes my 40-50’s renovated green and grey tile bathroom look just perfect. Also fyi, deabath has both vintage and new (crane but fit my vintage “Standard”-pre “American Standard” sink) wall mount brackets to retro-fit vintage sinks. If anyone has tried to do this you know how difficult it is to find wall brackets that actually work! I had looked for months. I was happily surprised to find my original sink stashed in the garage when I bought my house and it matches the toilet and tub but finding the replacement brackets (mine were corroded beyond repair) was a nightmare until I found deabath. The sink cleaned up wonderfully and what luck, everything is now original. BTW, the folks at deabath are super to work with and advised on the sink restoration and visible plumbing. I can’t vouch for them enough, they were a tremendous help.

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