Do drop-in, 50s cast iron sinks need clips?

Elizabeth asks, “Do I need clips to hold my drop-in sink and hootie ring in place?” Three approaches – read on:

Dear Pam:

I need assistance from the site/members who may have installed a vintage cast-iron sink with metal rim (“hootie ring”).

My sink is a vintage Kohler item from ReStore that came with its own 32″x21″ stainless “hootie ring.” No clips were there.

We’re now at an impasse with the counter maker, who insists that ALL sinks have clips. He won’t proceed with the counter order/cut-out until we provide clips for this sink.

(1) I’ve spoken with Mac the Plumber’s customer service line AND Kohler’s customer service. Mac says that sinks with “hootie rings” don’t have clips–the overhang of the sink beyond the smaller-cut hole bears all the weight. For its part, Kohler says that cast-iron sink don’t have clips (regardless of ring or no ring) because anything as heavy as cast iron isn’t going anywhere.

The contractor, for his part, has never done an installation like this but swears that an old cast-iron sink that he removed one time DID have clips.

I need guidance from more experienced folks about a) whether they used clips and b) precisely how a sink with “hootie ring” gets installed in a laminate countertop (no tile).



Elizabeth, no surprise here, Palm Springs Stephan to the rescue. He sends the photo just above – along with the following report straight from his kitchen sink:

The attached photo is for St Louis Elizabeth in regard to her contractor demanding sink clips.

(2) My own sink is porcelained steel (? thin cast iron?) and I believe original, and is dropped into an original 1958 Formica-over-plywood countertop. The faucet was re-done at some point, but I am fairly certain that the sink itself has never been removed from the countertop, since the “hootie ring” appears intact. So I am sending along this photo of the clips. I cannot really tell whether they are original or were added at some later re-sale in order to comply with California building codes regarding earthquakes. EVERYTHING has to be bolted down here, and any seller must make the property quake-code compliant prior to any sale, so they may easily be later additions.

I hope St Louis Elizabeth finds this helpful.

Palm Springs Stephan

AND an update from John at deabath advises clips, too!

Hi Pam;
(2) Yes, the rings always need a clip.  Here’s the problem, many of the clips are specific to the rim.  Inform the public; if you find a nice metal rim sink at a salvage yard, BE SURE the rim and clips are with it.  When the salesperson at the yard tells you that you can get the clips at any plumbing shop, don’t believe it…..


  1. Marina says:

    I’m currently moving forward on purchasing an American Standard single basin double drainboard kitchen sink, 52″x21″x8″. It’s from the 50’s, comes with the Hudee rim, but no clips. I cant seem to find a clue on how they may differ from the ones that are on the market now. I do see this set:
    6 Pack #65 adjustable lug w/bolts

    Does anyone have experience with American Standard Hudee rims from the 50’s, to say that vertical adjustability is what I need?

    Any clues as to what the American Standard clips look like would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for your time!

  2. Diane says:

    My bathroom sink has a hudee ring. I want to remove Formica top. Can I loosen ring to remove Formica then tighten it back down?

  3. David Phillips says:

    I’m wondering,does it make a difference if the sink is cast iron or not ,since you have the porcelain your using that covers the sink.I have two cast iron sinks that are 9 years old and are rusted from the drain all the way up to overflow area in the cavity area where you don’t see it ,until you replace the drain and see all the rust,and the sink has a oder all the time,I will therefore have to replace sink,but not looking at cast iron,can I get feedback on this from anyone?

    1. pam kueber says:

      David, this is not a fixit site per se. See our research on where you might find suitable retro-style sinks in our Kitchen Help/Sinks category — then ask the manufacturer about their installation instructions. Good luck.

  4. Joe Felice says:

    Cast-iron sinks these days do not come with or need clips, but the instructions do say to put a bead of adhesive caulk under the lip before setting the sink. Of course, hudee rings are no longer used, but, if you have a hudee ring, I would think it would need to be clipped from below in order for it to set flush with the counter. Also, people rarely go to the expense of a cast-iron sink these days, except in more-expensive homes. Personally, I do not like rims of any nature, and prefer integral or undermounted sinks, so that clean-up is quick & easy.

  5. Alan Braithwaite says:


    I am looking for a new white 19″ cast iron oval bathroom sink with Hoody ring. This is the type we like as the self rimming type stick up above the counter and if water is spilled you cannot wipe it into the sink. We have looked in many places and cannot find one. We have found the square ones but they are bigger in size and we do not like the square style. Any place we can get one?


  6. Cindy camille says:

    I am looking for the metal bar (clips) that would fasten my vintage double drain board double sink to the metal cabinet. Any ideas where i might find these?

  7. Dart Med says:

    Hi, I have the cast iron sink but the metal hoodie seems at parts to have parted ways from the sink. Is it as simple as re-tightening the clips to again make it seamless? Let me know.

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