Where to get a metal sink frame — in ANY size — sink clips, too

where to buy metal sink frames in any size

When I recently spoke with Bill Rapp, the president of Vance Industries, who shared the history of metal sink frameshe clarified that if homeowners need a replacement sink rim aka frame aka hudee ring, you can not only select from his company’s 18 stock sizes, but the company can make you virtually ANY CUSTOM SIZE you need for your vintage kitchen or bathroom sink. As followers of the blog know, “hudee rings” are among the most beloved artifacts of mid century homes here at Retro Renovation. .

Over the years, I have been been fond — in an evil glee way, okay, I’ll admit it– of telling readers “good luck with that” when they asked about replacing their odd-sized sink frames. That’s because there were some 1,062 different sizes of metal sink frames at one point back in the day. Yes: 1,062 — America was rockin’. Now, though, no matter what size problem you have, Vance Industries can solve it. Bill Rapp points out, though, that the radius of the bend is limited — the company, which is the galactic market leader for metal sink frames, still makes them, using the original tooling and there are only so many angles they can bend. He said the basic “rectangle” and “round” should be fine. He says:

Yes, we can do it. We have one employee who spends full time making them… He’s 65…. Nobody retires here anymore. We’re all retro.

Clips are also required to hook the sink to the rim and the countertop from below. Bill says that Vance Industries also can supply those:

There were certain standards, and if somebody needs a pack – we will have a clip to install it.

How to contact Vance Industries to get your hudee ring replacement, or your sink clips, stat: Vance Industries.

Goodness, I love these stories of longtime companies that started up during America’s postwar boom… have endured… and now, may be seeing a renewed interest in their products for preservation, restoration, and in this case, just plain groovalistic reasons.

And may I dispell a myth? I have a hudee ring — the original one — around my 1963 double bowl Kohler kitchen sink. It does not collect dirt or grime or schmutz! I tend to think that if you have these locked down properly, they should not be gunk-catchers — not at all. Don’t be dissin’ on the hudees, people. They are welcome here!

Here are links to my continuing hudee-ring coverage. (I am galactic leader in hudee ring news, history and events.)


  1. Jo Ann says:

    Hi. Oh my, who knew about hudee rings? And retro aluminum trim? First of all my project is the sink, counter and back splash for my 1957 Silver Streak trailer. Almost done except for the hudee. I found the edge and cove pieces at http://www.outwater.com. I had a spare piece of the edging that is the same extrusion as the hudee and just figured I’d satisfy my curiosity and try making the bends myself. Guess what? It worked pretty darn easily. Problem is I need a longer length than the 4′ piece or just add a 5″ inch piece and put it at the front edge where it won’t be visible. I can give item numbers from outwater if anyone wants to know. I think they are on page 60 of their online catalog. People were helpful for this small diy order when they normally service contractors.

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