A vintage shoe shine kit — our 2nd contest entry


Loren Petersen submits our 2nd entry in our 2nd annual “Found Objects…Found Art” contest shines – literally! Be sure to enter- you have til Jan. 25 for entries. 1st prize: A pair of Satellite Modern pendants. 2nd prize: A pair of our RetroRenovation “bibles”. Read on for Loren’s entry.

Loren writes:

I am very excited that you have created this contest because I have been holding onto this interesting piece of kitsch for a few months, not knowing what to do with it.  Amber and I frequent garage sales, as many readers do, but on this particular spring day we came across this $5 treasure that I had never seen before.
loren-2 The Lady Josephine Shoe Shine holder is an apparatus that fastens to the wall or cabinet and allows you to have both hands free while you shine your shoes.  The best part, you can shine them before you have breakfast, in your bathrobe, and with the entire family.  Now the device itself is neat, and I have yet to use it, but the box is the best part.  I have sent along some photos that detail the box itself, showing the crazy look on brother’s eyes as he shines his shoe (which happens to be the same size as his torso), the eagerly awaiting sister, the mother who must be thrilled that she now has extra time in the day to do laundry, and father who also has curiously large feet. The tag-line reads, “Start your day right, Line up for a good shine up!”, and it couldnt be more true.  It should also be noted that this can be used in shine parlors, barber shops, hotels or motels, and trailers but apparently not houses.  Enjoy!

Loren Petersen


  1. douglas says:

    Thanks for helping me to understand the intended function this strange “Lady Josephine” thingy I found. From the web I see that Lady Josephine was a famous race horse back in 1912, so I’m guessing that this shoe holder was inspired by a device for cleaning muddy rider’s boots.

  2. sumacsue says:

    I like that phrase, “A most desirable home accessory,” at the bottom edge of the box. That’s probably what Mr. French said to urge Uncle Bill to make such a purchase, on “Family Affair.” Mr. French knew that Buffy, Jody, and Cissy needed to polish their Bass Wejuns and saddle shoes before heading off to school.

  3. Mandi H. says:

    I think its funny that you still have to shine your own shoes–the apparatus just holds them in place for you! I thought it would be a cool ‘space age’ thing that has a little robot arm that would shine it for you!

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