A vintage mannequin found by a dumpster diver – Carlos’ entry

carlos-mannequin.JPGCarlos’ entry into our Found Objects Found Art contest:

Hi Pam,

My house has sort of become the last resting place for so many trashed items, for which I have developed an acute hawk’s eye.

From my whole living room, which you can see here on flickr, there is probably just one chair and a set of lamps that were actually purchased new, the rest has all been found or given to me and then restored.   This is in Puerto Rico, where most people would rather have a new home (or throw away old furniture pieces) than deal with the hassle of remodeling. The attached mannequin was found together with a lovely set of swinging patio furniture.  I can’t even saw a button, but headless has become the hold-all for christmas or halloween decorations. Thanks for your great site,

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