A vintage Cape Cod dollhouse – saved from a dire fate: Julie D’s entry


Julie D’s entry in our Found Objects Found Art contest…

She writes:

This is my found object: A 1:24 scale home, complete with furniture, rescued from an ill fate by my father-in-law, cleaned and fixed by me, and passed on to my 3 year old daughter. She calls it her “castle”, and rightfully so! We both love this little 20 inch long “castle” so much that its home is in the family room where we both can see it all day. I like to “walk” through it, imagining I get to soak in the corner tub, cook on the huge white range with the built-in bain marie, and entertain guests on the gold sectionals. (Molded into the coffee table is even the smoking paraphernalia every good hostess once required.) Apple green vinyl tile, a bullet shaped hanging planter, and vertical as well as diagonal siding are also part of what make this little tiny gem of a colonial Capecod tickle me. Oh, it also comes with a fancy clipped poodle! I hope to “live in” my daughter’s castle for many more years!

  1. Cathy says:

    The house you have there is a Brumberger. It is called “The Contemporary.”
    Here are 2 great dollhouse and miniature web sites that are worth paying a visit to.

    barbigirl.com. Then just click on dollhouses.


  2. Arianna says:

    What a great dollhouse!! My daughter has a lithographed white brick faced Colonial Marx Marxie Mansion from 1961. Much better than anything on the market today. It has all the original furniture and we’ve added some trees and bushes to scale for the outside. She decorates it for the holidays and spends rainy days playing with the family figurines that are living within it’s walls. Her friends adore it and since no one they know has anything like it, it’s the coolest toy on the block!

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