Anita’s entry in our Found Objects Found Art contest. She writes:
Hi Pam –

Well here on the west coast it is still officially Sunday the 25th, it’s 8:11 pm.  Sorry for the late entry, it was such a difficult decision that I couldn’t make it until the pressure was on… the 1960s Melmac?  the 1940s Bell & Howell projector?  on and on, but in the end what won out was my favorite vintage lingerie pieces from the 1960s.  I bought these at a thrift store in Tacoma WA about 10 years ago for about 50cents each.  I had to have them – they jumped out and screamed at me!  When I was a child in the 60s I longed to wear these beautiful full pink chiffon nightgowns and sheer chiffon ‘robes’ that went over them, but they weren’t for kids.  So I  always wanted to wear them when I got old enough, but what you don’t realize as a small child is that all that really cool stuff that you see your parents, relatives, tv shows, etc with won’t be around when you are old enough to be able to have it – things come and go and trends fade – even though many styles return it is always with a twist.  The pink gown and robe are my favorite, and it is so fun to see Betsy Draper wearing these nightgowns on Mad Men, I wish I could have had my turn at it! —  Anita

  1. Femme1 says:

    For some reason, I get this mental picture of Dorothy McGuire gliding down a staircase in one of these!

  2. Jean says:

    I can remember my mother getting up in the middle of the night to settle me back down after a bad dream. She wore beautiful nightgowns such as these and even had one in red!

  3. Tikimama says:

    I would swan around in these as I do my vacuuming and dusting, or some such boring chore! What a way to bring some glamour into your life! Great finds!

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