This vintage Witco tiki bar – with a real cultural mash-up of leopard and tiger print upholstery – along with all the pieces, including spears and shield – may just be the greatest rumpus room bar set ever in the history of the retro universe. It’s for sale on ebay now. Read on for seller Chad’s story and 7 photos of the entire set…

Chad writes:

I found it at the Indian Head thrift store just outside of D.C. It was all bound together with packing tape in a big ball of leopard fur. Being an avid rockabilly and Elvis fan i would keep it if i had ANYWHERE to put it. I actually set it up, popped on some Elvis and had a tiki cocktail with a friend. I was going to put in the auction that the Obama’s should have this for the White House, good enough for Graceland, and Barack is the new Elvis. But then i thought some people might take that the wrong way. I have a cool vintage leather jacket that i painted for an art show with Elvis in the Creation Sistene Chapel scene on the back, thought about listing it in conjunction with “Tiki Heaven” Thanx for the plug Pam.

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  1. Ghost of Elvis says:

    Finally, the good folks at Craters and Freighters safely delivered this stuff to my doorstep in a giant box full of styrofoam. I’m submitting some photos I took just after setting it up. Thanks to Chad for rescuing this set from the thrift store, and to Pam for keeping everyone informed. I’ll try to give it a good home.

  2. Ghost of Elvis says:

    O.K. I’ll admit it. I’m the nut who paid $1,200 for this set on ebay. But I figure it’ll hold its value better than my 401(k), and if not, I’ll have a whole lot of fun with it anyway. My theory is that the Obamas used to own this stuff, but when they moved to D.C. they found out they didn’t need it anymore because President Kennedy already had an even better set installed years ago in a secret, highly classified bunker underneath the White House. So, the Obamas discretely donated the one you have here to a local thrift store as part of their efforts to stimulate the economy. Stay tuned and I’ll post some pix once I get it set up in my Elvis Jungle Room.

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Congratulations, Ghost of E. I agree with you wholeheartedly – good investment! And, we all want to see the Jungle Room for sure!

  3. Tikimama says:

    Aaaah, this would make my tiki bar so complete! I can’t imagine what the shipping from Virginia to California would be, even if I could possibly manage to outbid the other tikiphiles! I can’t wait to see what this goes for…thanks for the eye candy Pam!

    1. LaNette Hernandez says:

      Hi Tikiman! I see you were interested in the Tiki Bar. I also have an original vintage Tiki Bar made from Witco Decor. My father purchased it in the late 60’s. It comes with two bar stools with zebra print, multi- color front panels, and a matching lamp. Let me know if you are interested. I can send you pictures. The bar is in Arizona, so way closer than Virginia.

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