Anthropomorphic vintage lollipop containers – Kim’s entry


Kim’s entry into our Found Objects Found Art contest. Gosh, I love the opportunity to use the word ‘anthropomorphic’ in a headline; I don’t think it will help my google juice much, though….

She writes:

I found each of these lollipop goodies at different estate sales. I love the anthropomorphic lollipop on the round container! Both of these items are proudly displayed in my bathroom, as I have re-purposed them to hold cotton balls, etc.


Shelby Twp, MI

  1. anita says:

    My brothers and I all had the square Kiddie Pops containers, I have no idea where mine went, but odds are good they both still have theirs! Mostly mine contained small ‘treasures’ that I would find and collect.

  2. Terri says:

    We had the little box for lollie pops at our house! There was a small wooden lollie pop that was on the top and it served as a handle! I have no idea where my mother got the box, but it was used in the mid-1960’s!

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