Grandmother’s vintage medic case – Kristin’s entry


Kristin’s entry in our Found Objects Found Art contest….

She writes:

Here is my dearest retro keepsake–I believe this medic case was from Korea, but maybe someone else knows for sure.  Regardless, it has become my shrine for my dear Grandmother, Louise Newman Young, known to all who loved her as “Honey”.  The top shelf features an old Leica photo of her in New Orleans at the beginning of her marriage while the bottom shelf features a photo of her and her three sons in the kristins-medic-case1front yard of her first home that was/is five blocks south of my first home…I recently found my fathers Polio Pioneer card and a Junior Firefighter card from the same era, so they are now part of the shrine.

I guess I could have also mentioned that this shrine is currently in my first house blocks from where her first house is!

  1. Kristin says:

    Wow! That even makes the shrine more special to me knowing that “safety/peace” are there. R.I.P. Honey Young.

  2. Sara says:

    The characters on the box are Chinese. From right to left, it reads “safety/peace medicine box”. Don’t know if that means it’s from China or Korea or someplace else, but thought you might be interested.

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