Vintage Frigidaire Flair – the all time favorite for a 60s kitchen?

vintage frigidaire flair stove

vintage-pink-frigidaire-flair-ad-2.jpgFlickr friend Two-Bad provides these images of his (her?) Frigidaire Flair range, along with a vintage ad. Readers say that Samantha Stevens had one in Bewitched. While this model had many imitators – for some reason, the Frigidaire Flair seems to be everyone’s favorite. And look at how great the Danish Modern orange looks with the pink… and the gold… and are those popovers in the oven on the left? Many thanks, Two-Bad!

vintage frigidaire flair stove
vintage frigidaire flair stove
vintage frigidaire flair cabinet
vintage frigidaire flair cabinet

  1. ledobe says:

    Hi All!

    There is a Facebook group devoted to this stove, lots of knowledgeable people, access to the owners manual, a bit of buying and selling and lots of part sharing. It’s also really active!


    I know this is an older post but seems to be a lot of interest in these stoves still!

  2. Tracy L Stout-Powers says:

    Do you know if the turquoise stove is still available?! I’m in Tennessee and will gladly drive out to pick it up if it works!

  3. Esther F Scarborough says:

    I bought a house 5 years ago. Nothing has been changed since it was built in 1963. In my kitchen is a beautiful, functional, Frigidaire Flair with two ovens. I am more in love with it every day!

  4. Eleanor Hacker says:

    I have a one oven Flair stove and the oven stopped working.
    The wiring in it was brittle and was disintegrating. Every repair man that I talked to didn’t want to do anything to it. One even told me that they weren”t allowed to work on them that there had been too many fires. I have since stopped trying to get it fixed and just use the stove part . I love it and wish they would make new ones on that

    1. pam kueber says:

      This is a good reminder to everyone who buys vintage to remember to check the wiring and other parts that may have environmental / safety ramifications …. I presume it is possible to have the oven completely rewired or ‘remanufactured’ at places like this [rather than repaired] — consult with properly licensed professionals.

    1. Dee says:

      I have a vintage flaire in my kitchen using it . The clock is the only thing that doesn’t work, my husband broke the bulb in the oven. It worked until he went to change bulbs. It’s hard to see in there to fix, but we will. I love it it’s the cutest thing ever. Even the little plug in works that is attached. I love plugging the mixer into the stove. Cute cute cute. The top is clean like new. I wasn’t excited at first. But now I love it. I had no idea of their value. My stove is worth $$$$$$$$.

    2. Jen says:

      Christine, I know of one in Colorado available. It’s turquoise and everything worked at time of storage.

  5. Vickie says:

    My mom had a Flair when I was a child. I really never thought about how neat it was back then. I just purchased one from a friend’s estate sale. It needs lots of cleaning. Out appears everything works except the large oven on the right. It had the storage base. I am assuming from some comments that the base is detachable. This thing weighs a ton so that will help tho get out in the house. I can’t wait to clean out up and start using it. Thankful for this site.

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