Megan does retro recon at Disneyland: Fantasyland’s mid century bathroom


We now have readers going to Disneyland — and noticing the most excellent mid century bathroom floors. This makes me very happy. She also sends a photo of her kitchen’s super-classic wallpaper – love it!

Megan of Santa Rosa, Calif.,  writes:

Hi Pam-

I have a great photo for you, since you love the gold, green and orange colonial motif.

This is the wall paper in our current kitchen. In addition to the colors listed above, it also has a mauv-y sort of pink in the mix, which has been picked up in the paint on the ceiling. The cabinets are painted green. It’s too dark for decent pictures today, but if your interested, I’ll try on a sunny day. We are moving at the end of the month, to a mid-century house that is much more interesting.

Also on my flikr page is a shot of the tile on a bathroom floor at Disneyland. It”s in Fantasyland, next to Small World. Loving the site! Happy New Year!



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