clarion-vintage-style-farmhouse-sinkDo you love prewar bungalows and cottages and want to update your kitchen in that charming style? I bumped into this wonderful Clarion farmhouse sink again – an exact reproduction of a stand-along pre-war sink. Oh my goodness, wouldn’t this look fabulous with Bradbury Sunnyside wallpaper… yellow straw linoleum from Armstrong… an Elmira Stove Works range… a vintage dinette… subway tiles… and… hmmm, how about oak Arts & Crafts style cabinets? The daydream of waking up to this sweet sweet kitchen makes me want a prewar bungalow!

  1. lilyleftthevalley says:

    I’ve been researching info on red (possible linoleum) flooring for the 1935 bungalow we just closed on last Thursday. That led me back to your site–I’ve been here many, many times before–and then after I started poking around again, I saw this post for the first time and laughed.

    What you are describing sounds just like our kitchen, except for the Elmira stove and our cabinets are not oak, although they are original. However, the stove we bought to go in there (the home had no appliances when we viewed it so we knew we’d need them) is a MC made replica of an old wood stove, although it’s all electric. It is similar in look to what you have pictured. I don’t know if I can link here, but below is a picture of our home from the listing. You can’t see the red floor because the PO buried it under brand new vinyl fake wood planks they laid just for the showings (ARGH). I only know it’s there because you can see just the edge of it peeking out from the vinyl under our sink if you’re the kind of person who is crazy and gets down on their hands and knees to try to see what flooring might be under what’s obviously new. I think the flooring might match the countertops, but I can’t be certain yet.

    I’ll add a link for the stove too, for comparison. The picture is a copy from the Craig’s List ad for it. (We also bought a great half Hoosier from her as well, with a white and black edged enameled metal countertop.)

  2. Kristy says:

    We bought a 1918 bungalow last year – and the dream you’ve explained is just about what I’m working on doing to the kitchen! I’m going to mix eras though – I found a beautiful 1950’s Tappan range and a left-hand drainboard sink & metal cabinet on craigslist. I’m going to get thebigchill’s 50’s fridge & dishwasher to match the era of my stove, but going for arts & craft’s recessed-door wood cabinets to match the woodwork in the rest of the house. Throw in a banquette for seating and we’re done!
    Love the blog, your focus isn’t the era of the house we own, but I believe in mixing and matching anyways!

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Kristy – your kitchen sounds great! Be sure to send me pictures when you are done! And hey – I am all for mix ‘n match, too! That is the way people lived, in reality!

  3. Kristin says:

    Ditto to what Nicole said! Before we bought the mini-ranch, we were living in a studio apartment in my family home built in 1929. It had this very sink in the kitchen and while cute, I was regularly soaked.

  4. Nicole says:

    Great blog! The wallpaper is a dream but I would never live with a sink like that again. It is cute as all heck, but it is so shallow, you end up soaking your whole front everytime you do dishes.

    I can’t wait to read more!

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