Vintage pink poodle wallpaper… and pink checkerboard teapot wallpaper, too!

vintage-pink-poodle-wallpaper vintage-pink-kitchen-wallpaper

Lots of treasures awaited my return home yesterday… An ebay find which I’ll show soon… Barkcloth samples from Full Swing Textiles… and the best of all: Two rolls of vintage pink wallpaper from reader NYC Dorothy. She has contributed it to our community – so that it can savored for all. You see, these are the two wallpapers that hung in her mother’s kitchen and bathroom – and she wanted them to go to a good home.  Dorothy, I promise you, they are in the right place – in front of many thousands of readers who treasure these memories of the homes our own families built in postwar America. Many thanks, indeed!

Oh, and readers… just to ensure you are triply amazed: Did I mention that both of these wallpapers are on a totally high-quality (not brittle) vinyl…. and that they have gold flecks and streaks throughout? Totally swoonable.

Click through for more delightful images of these two great vintage wallpapers….





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  1. atomicbowler - Laura says:

    This is really adorable. My master bath is currently a Paris tourist theme – it contains my collections of Eiffel Towers, tiaras and vintage spaghetti poodles. It would be perfect. Wish I had it!

  2. Sara in AZ says:

    AWWWWW! Too cute, I LOVE the poodle paper. It reminds me of my Poodle wallpapers. I have one with Poodles in Paris, and in one of the scenes they are smoking!!! And my other one is of Poodles in the bathroom – kinda like yours, but a bit different.

  3. Kory Carroll says:

    I Love this Poodle Wallpaper. In one of My Houses I owned a long time ago, had Pink & Black Poodle Wallpaper in the Bathroom. The design was Poodles in a Beauty Parlor, some getting their Hair Washed, Cut & some under HairDryers. I wish I could have taken it off the Wall before I sold the House, but it was so Old, it was impossible to take. I just should have removed the entire wall and took it with Me. I know that the Owners of the House either Painted over it or removed it. 🙁 So I am on the lookout again for something like it.

    1. Barbara Brown says:

      Kory… I have been looking for that SAME wallpaper!! We had it in our bathroom when I was a kid… How I miss it!! I have been looking for over 5 years 🙁

  4. Lynne says:

    Love the poodle wallpaper! When I was a child (born 1961), I remember our first house and it had a basement bathroom with a shower…..and the curtain on that shower? Those same poodles! I remember how I loved the artwork…..and everything in the home was turquoise! My favorite color? Turquoise, of course! Oh yes, I became a MidCentury Modernist at a very young age! I love your website! Lynne

  5. Christine says:

    I am looking for wallpaper for by bathroom similar to the pink/black poodle wallpaper you show here. BUT I think what I exactly have in mind is what Kory Carroll is mentioning – pink/black poodle hair salon wallpaper. Is it possible to get rolls of this paper to put up now in my bathroom? Where? How?

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