Retro ranch kitchen – autumn birch cabinets and bandana colors create a cheery 50s California look

This kitchen from a vintage Caloric advertisement makes me very happy. And, I recently discovered that my wonderful graphic designer Suzy says her mom had one almost exactly like it! To be sure, this planked door-style is one of my all time favorites! It would be very nice in a classic western storybook ranch. Want to create one of your very own? Read on:

Some of my very favorite cabinets, from Omega. Finish choice: Autumn Birch:

You can get cabinet pulls just like this from Amerock, but in black:

Several wallpapers are from the usual sources – scroll over the images to ID them. Note, I included the first choice, which is clearly not bandana red, because I thought it had the same feel. And, be sure to scroll over that second one a couple of times – freaky optical illusion thing.

Arpa has good-looking yellow laminates. Yellow neon laminate, too, from Formica:

About as basic as you can get today for an electric stovetop. From GE:

About as basic as you can get today for a built-in double oven. From GE:

The floor is from Congoleum. Go look their Commercial section, under tiles, and also see their Commercial sheet. Lots of great choices:

This Retro Renovation classic post has been updated from the original first published May 19, 2008.

  1. Mag says:

    Love this whole look, and sadly, I can’t not find that black flooring on the site anymore. It’s possible that I simply missed it, but I honestly don’t see it. *sad panda*

  2. Jacqui says:

    This will not endear me to some, but those were the very cabinets we yanked when we remodeled, modernized, and expanded our kitchen. Granted, they had several coats of paint on them and layers of grime.

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