A DAY LONG IN COMING: New, retro-style stoves with an authentic vintage look. Big Chill is now taking pre-orders for fall delivery of these 30″ ranges, which run on gas or propane. Eight colors. This stove has a far superior look to all previous attempts, which have been too caricatured, in my opinion. The Big Chills seems to mimic real stoves from back in the day. For example, the backsplash (or whatever you call it) is pretty similar to vintage Magic Chefs, from my recollection. Even at $4,295, I think they should do quite well — not just in the retro renovation market, but among all homeowners. Cozy comfy granny retro will continue to be hot hot hot for years to come, extending deep into the mainstream marketplace, I predict. Many thanks to reader Lisa for sending me this hot off the presses info to share with all! Big Chill website here.

  1. Jeanie says:

    We are remodeling our country cottage kitchen and would like to know if a 1950s O’Keefe and Merritt Aristocrat range is safe for use. It is in excellent condition and we are assuming the insulation and paint are original.

  2. pam kueber says:

    Jeanie, we are not experts on this question here. You need to consult with a properly licensed professional. Good luck.

  3. Miriam & Bill Ward says:

    I just sent an question about an Harper-Wyman gas stove from the early 60’s. It’s an Enterprise, Model #G30T. The mercury sensor in the oven is not working. I understand that this part is not available as mercury is now banned and am needing a new part to replace this. When your company does a rebuild repair service on an antique stove what part do they use. ( I’m not sure I gave you my right e-mail address on my first comment to you.) Sincerely, Miriam

  4. pam kueber says:

    I will not respond – see story in Kitchens/Appliances about where to potentially get help with old stoves.

  5. girlhende1 says:

    Hiya pam!
    Did you ever find out if the Big Chill ovens have a self cleaning function? I have been lusting after these appliances for months, but don’t want to call BC myself because I’m nowhere near ready to buy yet. (I don’t even have my own house yet!)

  6. Scout Saylors says:

    Hi there! I’m obsessed with these beautiful old oven/stove combos but the one I covet more than any other is a beauty I saw online several years back. It had many burners, a middle griddle, multiple ovens and warming boxes PLUS a telescopic window down into one of the ovens so you didn’t have to open the oven and lose heat! Do you know what brand made them? Do you have some? I can’t go to my grave until I own one so your motivation is to make some people happy by my passing. Spoiler: I ain’t goin’ anywhere!
    Thanks and I hope you can help! Scout

  7. pam kueber says:

    Hi Scout,

    I recall having seen stoves with the peek-a-boo into the ovens from the stovetop feature. I did a quick google search and found one in this story >>

    There could well be other manufacturers that picked up this feature. Here is our story on companies that sell refurbished stoves, I’ll bet they could tell you more >>

    I agree — great feature. I’m always opening that oven door to peak in to see if the cookies are ready and I know I’m letting valuable heat out!

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