vintage-black-beaded-sweaterNow that the house is pretty much done, and the attic and basement are packed to the gills with salvage items and other way-too-big collectibles, I’m switching my packrat gene over to focus on collecting vintage beaded sweaters. I even have a reason: I can wear them at my home show presentations. My newest engagement will be at the Southern Spring Home & Garden Show on March 5-6, 2010. It’s a humongous show in Charlotte, NC, and in 2010 it’s celebrating its 50th anniversary. So, it’s a good fit. I hope this sweater, which I BINned via ebay this weekend is a good fit, too.

  1. Oh wow! I have one of these in a mint green. It was my mother’s so it must be from the ’60s unless she got it from someone else, quite possible. From my aunt I have a hot pink angora sweater, no beads, but still a vintage gem!

  2. Jill Spriggs says:

    I got three fabulous ones from my husband’s grandmother. Too small for me, now my new daughter-in-law is getting raves while wearing them. Perfect…so glad I hung on to them for several years!

  3. Jennifer says:

    I too LOVE beaded sweaters, they are definitely a weakness of mine. I even got my mother hooked on them, her latest purchase was a yellow sweater with black peacock beads that look navy from a distance, it’s really stunning and will be great for fall!

  4. Sputnik Sandi says:

    Not only do I adore that sweater, I can’t stop looking at it with those glasses that you posted yesterday. Absolutely fabulous.

  5. Amanda says:

    I LOVE beaded sweaters.. I had a modest collection at one time, make sure you check goodwill and salvation army too! That black one is stunning 🙂

  6. MrsErinD says:


    I think you can wear those sweaters anytime, I have worn mine dressy with the prom dresses or skirts, but even more often I wear them with a tshirt and jeans!

  7. MrsErinD says:

    Oh that is one of my favorite vintage clothing to collect! ( prom dresses too, and yes I wear them, lol!) It stared with a yellow with white beaded one of my Grandma’s then black with pearls and beads, and pink with sparkly beads in pink and turquoise with white beads, love them all and need more! :O)

    I am sure that will look great on you, very pretty!

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