Mid-century Midland, Michigan – congrats to Retro Ruth and her newspaper feature


Reader Retro Ruth and her husband Tom were recently featured in their local newspaper, The Midland (Mich.) Daily News. Home Editor Lori Qualls did a fabulous job capturing their retro renovation story. I helped Ruth reach out to the newspaper. I think this story is a hot one with lots of potential today … So, readers, if you think you have a good story to tell your local newspaper about why postwar homes are worth preserving and are willing to have you and your house featured, let me know and I’d be happy to help with the initial contact for you, too. Interested? Email me at retrorenovation [at] gmail [dot] com. Meanwhile, read Ruth’s story here – it’s terrific. And congrats, Ruth, you are rockin’.

  1. Marina says:

    wow. look at that!! and that blue! and that wall of cabinets…a science lab than a kitchen. =) excellent!

  2. Jeanne says:

    uh oh, did my comment not make the cut, or did I not hit “post”. lol

    Congrats to Retro Ruth!

  3. Palm Springs Stephan says:

    Tha kitchen is great, especially that center island with the rounded end. But the newspaper article mentions some bathrooms that sound wonderful too. Can you share some photos of those with us?

  4. RetroRuth says:

    Thanks, Pam! It is a fantastic cause to be the local spokeswoman for! 🙂 It all happened thanks to you, and I am forever in your debt. As Eartha mentioned, they also put one of the Mid-Century Menu posts in the paper, which was really fun. Everyone, please be sure to check it out (Labled as “So What Does Retro Taste Like” on the newspaper website) because if the article is popular, I might get to contribute to the paper every month!
    Thanks again!

    1. Marilyn Barker says:

      Saw article in WSJ which brought happy memories of my Baci. I have made the lamb cakes (baranik) every Easter for years and have perfected a recipe and mold removal technique protecting the vulnerable ears. Would be happy to share recipe and technique.

      Marilyn (from Buffalo NY)

        1. The receipe was brought from Poland over 50 years ago. Would be glad to share.

          I did pierogis for our local PBS station a couple of years ago which is published in their cookbook.

          We wondered if the vintage shop had butter molds. We have plastic ones. Would be interesting to see metal ones.

  5. Eartha says:

    That’s great! Lots of great coverage for the cause and I love that they are going to share one of Ruth’s recipes as a bonus.

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