ge pushbutton range three griddles

chocolate chip pancakeI’ve had visitors for a week – my brother David (shown here multitasking) and his three kids, all in from Kentucky. Of course, vacation means big breakfasts — and we had three griddles going yesterday morning. There were blueberry pancakes, bacon, eggs and at left, David’s special chocolate chip pancakes with a heart flourish on top. The plate: Vintage blue heaven.

  1. Annie B. says:

    Royal China’s “Blue Heaven” is right at the top of my mod dish list. Its colors are perfect with your cabinets. I’ll bet you have some vintage Pyrex in the aqua and white “Butterprint”/”Amish” pattern stored in them somewhere.
    I do so love a push button stove.

  2. sumac sue says:

    What is that red balloon sort of thing stuck in one of the S and P shakers? Is it for testing a cake? We have a push button stove, and we think it is a bit challenging to adjust the heat of the burners. What if you want a heat level in between two of the buttons? Oh well. We attempt to adapt ourselves to the stove, rather than expect the stove to adapt to us.

  3. pam kueber says:

    Yes, Sumac Sue, it’s a vintage cake tester. Re the electric stove – my husband would definitely prefer gas, and we have the line ready for if/when we find a suitable model at the right price. Meanwhile, in the middle of summer, I am all about jumping in the lake. Have had it with house and garden projects ’til fall! How is your garden growing?

  4. 75Heather says:

    I actually came across a stack of 5 Blue Heaven plates (in perfect condition) at a local flea market. You can bet I snatched those babies right up. Since then, I’ve been slowly building up a collection – plates, berry bowls, soup bowls, ramekins, a fire king mixing bowl, platter… sigh… I do so love this pattern!

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