vintage-vera-smart-vintageVintage Vera — Vera Neumann — is just the best. Etsy had a lovely round up of vintage Vera scarves yesterday, one more delicious than the rest. I recently bought one with little houses on it, to wear to my home show appearances for good luck. Scarf above from etsy seller smartvintage.

  1. Kathy Majcherek says:

    These scarves can be framed for wall art. I have also used them as you would hang a decorative piece of stained glass. Of course wearing them is good too, but I am not a scarf person.

  2. Dave & Shauntelle says:

    I just realized that I have a Vera Neumann scarf that I’ve been wearing as a belt! It’s a long narrow one with stripes in three shades of blue and it matches a pair of blue cargo pants I have. I guess I should treat it with more respect!

  3. midmodms says:

    I have several Vera linen dishtowels, which I use on a daily basis. You can usually find several Vera items on ebay at a time. The dishtowels will frequently still have the tags on them. They are usually bid up because a lot of people collect them, but they’re still a reasonably priced collectible compared to some things, like ceramics or Texas ware.

  4. MidCent Keith says:

    Labor Day weekend I found my second Vera table cloth ($4) – in fall colors .. so it will go on the table soon! Her textiles have such great flair.

  5. elisabeth morgan says:

    I’ve always loved Vera’s fabric designs-such a free,crisp,spontaneous & lively style. my mom bought some of her bedsheets ; we slept on them for years, and when they got kind of worn out in the middle we cut them up and made shirts and dresses and slacks out of the parts that weren’t so worn. I love her splashy, colorful style.

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