Vintage Chambers stoves & oven in the time capsule house


This is a vintage Chambers gas range. I am seriously in love with it, and want it so much that I could burst. For now, though, it is staying in the time capsule house. I am guessing — 60s. Any experts out there who can tell me for sure?


This is the built-in, pop-up griddle. And yes, folks, those are stainless steel (or aluminum?) 4″ tiles behind the stove.

I am so seriously in love with this stove I cannot stand it.


Here is the vintage Chambers range upstairs. I am dating it 1952 — because that is when the kitchen went in.


Here is the porcelain cover folded down over the burners.


And here is the built-in stove. It’s all so wonderful, and there is still more to come from this house, I’ve barely made a dent.

  1. Nancy Ringering says:

    I am looking for a gas control valve for a Chambers Wall Oven.
    It is a Satin Chrome Finish, and looks exactly like the wall oven pictured here on this page of your website. The house was built in 1949. And this is the only oven that has ever been in this house.
    I believe there is a number inside the oven that reads: OGA-4
    Thank you for any assistance you can give me pertaining to purchasing this gas control valve.

  2. Brett Martin says:

    I am actually now the caretaker of the second stove pictured! It was in the free section on Craigslist! The first stove (the one you love) is now in the upstairs kitchen, and they bought a modern range for the downstairs kitchen. Do you have any other pictures of the upstairs kitchen? I would love to see it again. I took a 4 hour trip to western MA to get this stove. The home was beautiful – especially the upstairs kitchen with tons of metal cabinets!!

  3. Randerson says:

    Missed this one first time around! The Chambers in the first pics is known as the Model D, or more correctly the MR-9-H. It’s the updated version of the Model C, basically the same but with MCM styling. Model C & B are much more common, the D not so much. We had one, its a wonderful range, and better than anything you can get new. Would love to find another in Coppertone to go with our knotty pine!

  4. KakiMack says:

    oh my the upstairs kitchen is totally gorgeous! Would love to have it—sure hope the new owners keep it intact. BTW, I’m guessing the marble countertop part was used for making pastry.

  5. DrewFromNY says:

    I just came across this page in Pam’s Blog (re: Chambers Stoves). I just bought an apartment in NYC that has the stove from the first photo above (the white one with the clock in the chrome backsplash). We are completely renovating the apartment and originally were going to junk the oven. However, there seems to be a lot of affection for this model, and it appears to be in great shape, having spent the last 50 years or so in one location. If anyone is interested in the oven, please let me know. I have not used it or tested it, but would be happy to discuss letting someone have it. (I don’t want to deal with shipping, etc. as I am not in this business, but simply a homeowner clearing out this apartment, so you need to get it from Manhattan!). It’s not about making a lot of money, but passing along an item that seemingly will bring someone some joy. Best, Drew.

  6. There is one identical to the second stove you show above in my father-in-law’s house. I covet that stove with every inch of my being, but I doubt that it will ever be mine. Father-in-law passed away last year and wicked stepmother is not interested in sharing with her step-children, only her birth daughter. 🙁

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