Remember Bronwyn and Greg? They finished the updates to their 1950s kitchen earlier this year, and Bronwyn sent me photos. bronwyn and gregThis is a compact, galley-style kitchen — a style that I know many readers share. Bronwyn and Greg kept the original cabinets and a rockin’ O’Keefe and Merritt stove that came with the place. They added new, retro-style appliances, Formica Skylark countertops, a backsplash and above — the Dishmaster M2000 faucet. In fact, it was Bronwyn who first told me about The Dishmaster.


This kitchen layout can be super-efficient in terms of saving steps and getting work done. I love the way the white repeats throughout the kitchen – from the stove to the fridge to the dishwasher to the sink and backsplash. When space is small, it’s probably smart to be conservative about the number of principal colors you use on “fixed” surfaces. You can always dial things up with accessories. This kitchen is cheerful — yet serene, too.


That stove is awesome. Bronwyn says that the countertop edging is a kind of composite material (not metal) that her contractor found. I think these options are out there — used for commercial applications. It certainly has the right look. How is it holding up, Bronwyn?


The light is “deco” rather than modern. I think that’s totally appropriate to the house — which has a “romantic revival” feel to it, as well. And — it’s always great to mix things up.

  1. Culver City Bronwyn says:

    Ooh–a couple more things;

    -The banding around the countertop is holding up well. No scratches or anything yet.

    -Wow–didn’t realize that light was Deco! I got it from the “Modern Section” at an antique place. How funny.

    Another tip–notice that there is no microwave? It’s hiding in the pantry. We had an outlet installed in there.

  2. Culver City Bronwyn says:

    Thanks, Everyone! We love our kitchen. It’s definitely a conversation starter for guests!

    To answer some questions: The mixer is actually a Hamilton Beach. It was a gift from a friend after she saw our new kitchen. The mixer belonged to her mother and dozens of years later is still going strong! It was missing a screw, but we were able to find a broken Hamilton Beach mixer on ebay and salvage the part.

    The Dishwasher is a “Big Chill” and is made by Kitchen-Aid.

    A funny thing about the dishwasher and keeping the original cabinets–we didn’t realize that modern counter-height is actually higher than ones from the 50’s so there was concern that the dishwasher wouldn’t fit. The guys who installed it got creative and made it work, but if you are installing a new dishwasher into an old house, be sure to check on this first.

  3. Darlahood says:

    Yeah, what about the dishwasher? My house is so retro *I’m* the dishwasher! LOL 😉 (srsly, I would love a dishwasher… where they placed it is giving me ideas!)

  4. maribethK says:

    I love this kitchen! It looks so original. the lovely white appliances with the aqua countertops are a perfect combination. I’m lovin the tiki, too! I’m going on ebay to find one for myself…

  5. tailfin says:

    What a great use of space this kitchen is! I can’t believe that such a small kitchen has as much counter and cabinet space as yours. The counters themselves are beautiful. I love the color and the edging. Great job Bronwyn & Greg!

    The stove, fridge & dishwasher are all fabulous too. Like Candice, I’m curious about the make of the dishwasher.

    As a realtor, I see those wood cabinets quite a bit in older homes around Buffalo, but usually they are stained much, much darker. I really like the stain that y’all used — it’s in keeping with the kitchen’s light and airy feeling.

  6. Annie B. says:

    Great job, you two! Loads of inspiration in that little space. Skylark Formica is quickly becoming my favorite countertop. Love the shiny whiteness of the tile backsplash and the seamless blend of your blue and orange wall paint. Are your floor tiles original to the house? It’s amazing how well a large pattern works in a small space.

  7. MrsErinD says:

    Beautiful kitchen, love it! Those cabinets are divine, they remind me of my Mom’s (grandparents) kitchen cabinets same pulls too, I talked her out of painting them and changing the pulls (ack!)

    Yes, that is a pretty dishwasher, what kind is it? I have never seen a new one so nice!

  8. I believe that would be a Big Chill dishwasher, which is a newer addition to their appliance offerings. I think they started out just with vintage-look fridges. I know they have lots of awsome color choices too.

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