vintage-wall-hangingOf course, I would love a vintage 60s wall hanging of a house. It occurs to me that during my life, all I ever doodled were: Houses. I have a very deep rooted pathology. This is another treasure that I purchased from the fabulous estate sale time capsule. The photo above shows it handing the home’s entry way, so welcoming. Click through for a close up.

I am not sure yet where this will go in my home. But it will, I love it so.

  1. Mick says:

    My grandmother Made somthing like this, but insted of a weave, she mounted burlap over some boards and used tiny proken bits of glass to make a picture! Its NOT a mossaic, I Have on of a bird, thats done in all diffrent shades of blue glass. and theres another one lurking in the barn that is of an old Spanish Galleon ship in full sail!

  2. sumac sue says:

    This wall hanging is really heartwarming. Love the colors and texture. Darn, it’s making me kick myself for not buying the 60s era yarn picture of wildflowers I saw the other day at the Salvation Army. (Maybe it’s still there.)

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