This is a terrific 1956 kitchen that shows the continuing popularity of Early American design, but with modern touches…  “coolonial.” The Early American design is visible enough — the copper pots and ironstone, the cast-iron trivets and the cabinetry, the simple and patriotic paint scheme, the forefather portrait, the scallops and the captain’s chair.

Look closer, though, and you see the modern: The pull down light… those dining room chairs have a shaker-modern feel…the mid-century modern red geraniums.

Meanwhile, over on the kitchen counter, there’s a blue glass genie bottle — which now gives TroySF something to collect for under his ties) and hey, that’s sterno under the bean pot.

Click this thumbnail to see the complete, enlarged image:

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  1. bepsf says:

    LOVE those red countertops and the little drawers in the upper cabinets…
    …Hmmm – Maybe I should paint the cabinets in my Red kitchen Colonial Blue?

  2. stella says:

    I’m so glad you feature the “coolonial” style I grew up with. We had braided rugs, real antiques mixed with modern danish. Mid-Cen is not just about the Modern!

  3. I’m on the verge of a modest kitchen makeover and currently have yellow countertops. I wanted to add red, but was afraid it would look too ‘ketchup & mustardy”, but this looks pretty cool (onial)

  4. Caryn says:

    My parents had *matching* genie bottles, green and blue, on the room divider between the kitchen and living room…they survived years of four kids and a dog banging into them playing hockey on the kitchen floor–but gave us a few close calls!

  5. Nina462 says:

    Notice this little drawers over the stove….those seem to be coming back in style if you ever look at new kitchen designs. hmmm!
    As for the jenie bottle–I was just thinking of the one at my mom’s. it was an old avon bottle for bath oil…I’ll have to dig that out of her bathroom closet and
    ‘requistition’ it for my house…..ha!

  6. denise says:

    Hey, my favorite little thrift store has a 4 piece set of canisters, very colonial, made out of wood, they slant forward slightly and have the metal eagle on the front of each! Really good condition, too! $10!!

    If anyone has to have them…let me know! things go fast over there.

  7. Shane says:

    I hate when you show Colonial stuff bc I love it! Should I paint my kitchen that blue? What is that blue anyway? But also I have youngstown stuff and it wouldn’t fit that theme. And I’m not giving up my chrome boomerang handles!

  8. sumac sue says:

    I love the colonial look. I would want to remove that little scallop on the side of the counter so that the countertop is more accessible from all sides. But I guess in this kitchen, it serves as a tiny room divider. Do you suppose there is an exhaust fan inside of that cabinetry over the range?

    I love the red touches. It helps me see I need more red in my blue kitchen.

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