Lauren D. gets major snaps for her sleuthing, which uncovered this new bathroom light for our decorating arsenal. She writes:

Hi Pam!
I know you’re busy so I’ll keep this short. I have been searching for the right bathroom vanity light for my main bath, and it’s hell to decide on one. I have put in bids on ebay for the “u” shaped lights- only to get outbid at the last minute. I have contemplated just going modern with a traditional twist. But tonite I think I found one that MIGHT just do the trick. I know Lowe’s sells something similar, but until now I have never seen any with a pattern! yay!!!! In a few weeks I’m hoping to have a before/after set of pix to share with you ..and a full story of joy & tears. Just about Everything to save that beloved pink tile.. hehe.

Lauren’s find is: the Nuvo 76-277. It holds four bulbs — so that’s a lot of good light. Search the light online by its name and number, and you will find it available from a number of online retailers for as little as about $25 plus shipping. I presume that you also may be able to order it from a local retailer or even a big box hardware store (and possibly save the shipping charges). Via email, Lauren and I even discussed swapping out the plastic knobs in the front for chrome — I am pretty sure you can find these at electric supply stores.

Thank you, Lauren, and yes, let us know when your pink bathroom is ready for prime time. Joy & tears: Oh my, we must know all.

  1. Annie B. says:

    Oh, my. I spotted a very similar light fixture yesterday at the local Salvation Army for $2.00. This one had a scroll pattern bordering the frosted glass.

  2. Janice says:

    And exhaustion – don’t forget exhaustion! Great find on the light Lauren. I added the site to my favorites as I would like something like this in my bathroom….if I ever get done with my kitchen!

  3. DahliaCactus says:

    I actually hand’t spotted this light at lowes, but my local sells two styles of replacement glass, a plan frosted, and a gold star burst! My local also had brass and chrome replacement knobs. So make sure to check out the replacement parts section when you go to pick up your lights.

  4. Shane says:

    I would definitely get some chrome attaching bezels for the glass. I’d also paint the base with appliance white. You can get this in a spray can from Sears.

    I restored my original 1954 bedroom overhead light (the ones with 2 bulbs and the square, frosted glass shade that’s pinched like pie crust around the side) with the appliance white. When the second coat was drying, I sprinkled gold glitter lighty around on it…it came out perfect!

    I’d definitely do that to this one too!

  5. Great find, Lauren !

    We looked hard for something like this but finally ended up with a different style of restored vintage lights from Rejuvenation. They are fine, but I really wanted the style you found. One problem we found looking for old lights was that although there were a lot of good printed shades, the fixtures were often in such bad shape they weren’t useable. Nice to know there’s now a new option!

  6. LornaLou says:

    Thanks! Ya, continued searching (because I’m addicted to research or torture, not sure which) has not yeilded anything this cool since. I will always have my eye out for other ones like this one too. In any case, it will be just the trick for our lil bathroom 🙂
    ~Lauren D.

  7. Mandi H. says:

    This is perfect timing!! I’ve been shopping for a new light fixture for my bathroom and haven’t been impressed with what I’ve found.

  8. TappanTrailerTami says:

    Awesome find, Lauren! Yes, I would definitely swap the white plastic screw holders for chrome. It is so fun when you can find something new that looks old, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Usually, I’ll opt for old, but sometimes I get tired of looking and/or being outbid.

    Here is a great mirror to go underneath this light. I bought this for my master bath, and they are really nice. Click the zoom – they are etched, with the little chrome florettes on the front.

    Interestingly – Home Depot carries the 24 x 30 size – Lowe’s has the same mirror, but in the 18 x 24 size. $50 at HD for the large one, and about $40 at Lowe’s for the smaller one.

    Even though these are not attached to a medicine cabinet, it would be relatively easy to do so. I’m going to mount mine to medicine chests rather than hanging flat on the wall.

  9. TappanTrailerTami says:

    Another note on the etched mirror – search Home Depot for “deco mirror” and you will also see the an oval version (minus the great chrome rosettes). These look way better in person than in the zoom picture, not cheap looking at all, and very retro/deco.

    Also the description states that the rosettes are brushed nickel, but mine are shinier than that and look more like chrome than brushed nickel for those who are picky about finishes.

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