These days I have so many balls in the air that I am about to weep. You know how it gets. You want to do Everything. One thing that has made me very happy amidst this ridiculous (self-imposed) buzz is cutting ephemera found at estate sales into little itty bitty pieces and then reassembling them into all-vintage collages. Well, I got one done. I made this piece for my mom Fran for Mother’s Day. My mom said she likes it, and has it right where she can see it every day. Since we live so far apart, this thought makes me very happy. The collage went into a pretty, vintage 70s frame, the kind where bamboo-like wood pieces are really magnets that hold the picture down. (See the complete piece here on my flickr stream.)  Mom pointed out that this would make it very easy to change out the collage by season. Yes! I already am working on another collage for her. Another idea I picked up from the collage class that I’m currently taking Friday mornings (see? I’ve totally overloaded myself):  When you go to an estate sale, especially if you don’t *need* anything, look for small items that you can buy to make a collage — a collage about that house. Even put the original address on it. I like that idea a lot, too. A lot a lot. Kind of a like, a tribute… a give-back… to the homes that make all of this possible.

  1. pam kueber says:

    Yes, Danielle — this whole idea remains largely untapped — and brilliant for those willing to take the chance! Would love to see a photo of your cousin’s bathroom wall, if you ever get the chance… Thanks!

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