vintage 30 inch kenmore stove1960s-kenmore-electric-stoveI stopped quick by my friend Ron’s store today and spotted this scrumptious 30″ Kenmore electric range for sale. It looked to us to be a late 1960s or into the 1970s piece, and it seemed to be in terrific shape. Note the stainless steel stovetop, drawer on the bottom and the tall back shelf. And the googie glass! Goodness, if it had been 40″ I would have swapped it out for my 1959 GE Pushbutton in a heartbeat. I know there are readers out there looking for a 30″ vintage range. If you’re interested in this one, which is located in Pittsfield, Mass., contact Berkshire County Used Furniture. Tell Ron or Becky I sent you!

  1. Shane Walp says:

    Really. Really? You’d swap out a perfect NINETEEN FIFTY NINE GE stove for anything else??? Tsk tsk tsk….

    I’m about to break a retro commandment I think. I have a 1963 GE Americana turquoise double oven w/elec. range that’s headed for the scrap yard this weekend. That, and a late ’40s/early ’50s Cussins and Fern single sink w/double drainboards and full cabinet base. NO ONE would buy them! I can keep everything, and they’re clogging up my area 🙁

    You just can’t keep everything 🙁

  2. Patrick Coffey says:

    Where is that Kenmore Range and how much is it….if it is a reasonable distance from DC and is reasonably priced …I would not mind haivng it in my kitchen….Oh by the way Pam I am pretty sure your stove is NOT from 1959…I think yours is early to mid 60’s. Here is a link to an ad for 1959 GE Ranges and as you will see from the picture the control panel is in trhe style is much different than yours.

  3. pam kueber says:

    Patrick, the stove is in Pittsfield, Mass. I put the link to Ron’s shop in the story (highlighted text in blue).

  4. Lynne says:

    Maybe my local Re-Store is different from others, but mine won’t take an appliance over 10 years old. I BEGGED them to take my WORKING 1960’s GE double oven and cook top. But…no way. Both appliances are still sitting in the corner of the garage.

  5. Patrick Coffey says:

    Pam I missed that initally and only saw that when I reread the post again the second time right after my initial posting…and I see I forgot to post the link to the GE ad from 1959 as well so I will put it below…I guess that will teach me not to respond to posts on any message boards when I am getting tired LOL…..One last note Pam, as always I love this site and it is one of three I sign onto pretty much on a daily basis…thanks for all the work and time you have put into it and thanks for giving those of us who love the same stuff you do a place to gather and make friends. If you ever get to DC and had the time I would love to meet you and talk “shop”.

  6. veg-o-matic says:

    Actually, it’s a Kelvinator, which makes it even more desirable! If I weren’t in the market for a gas stove, I’d snap this baby up in a heartbeat!

  7. julie says:

    seriously, i could cry my heart out.
    i’m here in the midwest, desperately searching for a 30″ vintage electric.
    allI can find 40″.

    pass me another tissue, will you ;(

  8. Hugh says:

    Friends gave me an avocado range with Corning glass top. I plan to use it in my garage apartment since I have Thermador builtin in the house. The handyman said it would be expensive to replace top if it didn’t work, that I could buy new stove cheaper. I told him if I wanted a new stove I would have bought a new one instead of hauling this one all the way from Chattanooga. One of us must live on another planet.

  9. pam kueber says:

    Hi Dave, this stove is long gone. I recommend: Keep an eagle eye on craigslist in your area — these stoves are around. Be sure also to do your own research regarding environmental and safety issues with old appliances before you buy and install in your own home.

  10. Ann says:


    Do you still have the “I would have swapped it out for my 1959 GE Pushbutton in a heartbeat.”??

    Am looking for a 30″ GE circa that dtae, to replace our damaged one…


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